Rendering device lost!

keeps happening, happened when i had a gtx 1070 and now its happening when i have a rtx 2080.

i do not understand why.

both cpu and gpu have been cool, gpu reaching a max of 74c and cpu pushing no more than 70

and after i get this error, my whole pc S^&*'s itself, couldn’t even close overwatch in task manager, this only happens with overwatch, any new AAA+ titles run fine with no problems.

If the renaming method doesn’t work it is possible there may be different conflicts on your system considering your non-RTX card gave you trouble as well. In that case you may want to supply a DXDiag of your system so a Blizzard representative may be able to figure out what else could be done.

will try this, how do i attach my dxdiag text file to the forum?

Select all text, copy and then paste it inside a blockquote (the quote icon) if I am not mistaken. If that doesn’t work you can try to post it on pastebin and post the link in this thread.