Rendering device lost

I keep getting the rendering device lost error message but it never used to be too much of an issue because it would just send me to the desktop and would happen once a week tops. Now however it happens at least 3 times a day and hard locks my entire computer so I have to reset every time it happens. This only started after the latest update. And I can’t play comp because of how often it happens.

For some extra information I am running a ryzen 2600x (at stock), a RTX 2070 (a small overclock that has had extensive stress testing on it so that I could be sure it was 100% stable) and running off a Samsung 970 evo nvme ssd.

Head over to the Technical support forum. There you’ll find a sticky called “Known Technical Support Issues” that covers that issue. If that doesn’t work, post your issue in that forum so that the Tech team there can take a closer look. :slightly_smiling_face:

Try it without overclocking.

It’s not an unstable overclock. Unless blizzard have some super bad software that doesn’t handle simple overclocking well. Also VI’ve tried most of the stuff on there, this is more a complaint on the hard lock vs how I used to get a soft lock and how it happens so much more regularly now

But have you tried it without overclocking? I’ve had issues with HotS crashing from stable overclocking. Give it a shot.

I am not sure what your specs are for your computer, but if nothing helps on the technical that Blizzard has listed, like it was with me, you can likely play in windowed mode without this issue occurring. When it happened to me, I only had the issue when playing in full screen. The way I fixed it was that I got GeForce experience and set my game settings to match my video card. Haven’t had the issue since.

Edit since blizzard won’t let me comment twice:
The borderless windowed mode seems to have worked

Ok so wasn’t the overclock. Tried with my oc turned off. Will try the borderless windowed mode now

Had the same issue. It’s an issue with RTX cards. Just do a clean unistall of the drivers, restart and do a fresh install. Fixed it for me and my RTX 2080Ti.