Rendering Device Lost

Overwatch crashes almost immediately with the rendering device lost error when I launch it from the app. I don’t know how to try to launch it any other way. I have run through the standard diagnosis to no good effect. I am using an EVGA GTX 1060 Superclocked graphics card, which I understand comes factory overclocked by 101 MHz. I have used the EVGA Precision XOC software to set the clock offset to -101 with no luck. This is on a new build computer with very few other applications installed.

I have dxdiag information and msinfo information, but the forum won’t let me post links, and the text exceeds the post limits.

Use pastebin and give us the link between two ` marks.

System Information report written at: 10/11/18 17:17:21System Name: DESKTOP-U2 -
------------------System Information------------------ Time of this r -

Are you using Razer Synapse? How about GeForce overlay (even if you disable it, sometimes it still runs in the background, so you have to manually check for it).

It resolved today. I had updated to the nvidia 416.16 driver . NV put out a new driver a couple of days ago, 416.34, and that fixed whatever was happening.