Rendering device lost, new RTX 2080

I’ve never had Overwatch crash in all the time I’ve played until I upgraded my GPU from a 980Ti to an RTX 2080. I got the “Your rendering device has been lost” message on multiple days while playing after putting my new GPU in. I reformatted my PC for unrelated reasons and hoped that would solve it. Two days after reformatting it happened again so I started searching for answers and found many threads of people with RTX series cards having this problem. I followed one posted “solution” and changed application specific settings in the NVIDIA control panel but haven’t played anymore to see if it happens again.

EDIT: Also, nothing in my PC is overclocked or overheating.

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Not a bug. You may want to post in the Technical Support forum instead.

Also, the only “solution” posted by Blizzard is renaming your Overwatch.exe to something like OverwatchTest.exe. Other solutions have been posted by individuals not affiliated with Blizzard with the chance a change made could actually be more detrimental to your system or something as simple making the renaming method fail solely the other change overrides it.

There is definietly something up with game, I have 3 friends playing ow, each one experienced this at least once. It happened to me twice this month. So don’t tell me it’s problem with our pc’s, there is something wrong with game that requires fixing.


I am also getting tired of hearing it’s my computer. It’s simply bad optimization that needs to be fixed on Blizzards end.

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Blizzard has never even said it is our computer. With the RTX graphics card it is Nvidia’s driver profile causing the issue.

However, if you aren’t using an RTX then yes it is your computer. Rendering device lost means your graphics card timed out.

Renaming Overwatch.exe to OverwatchTest.exe just generates a new Overwatch.exe to replace the original. I just did it, played a full Quick Play without issue, then I went into Comp and halfway through, this sh*t again. Garbage.

Yes, it generates a new Overwatch.exe but you are still supposed to use the Test one you created. The renamed one, OverwatchTest, allows you to bypass NVidia’s profile for Overwatch.

Any way, if that doesn’t work you have a different issue entirely and you should either create a new thread in the Technical Support forum or contact Blizzard through a support ticket.


You should download MSI after burner, and under clock your GPU and VRAM a bit, especially vram, that ia the main issue causing games to crash.

I’m using an RTX card. So no, not my computer. Other games don’t have any of these issues. I stream VR just fine as well without these issues. So, again, no, not my computer.

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I shouldn’t have to underclock my card, what’s the point of buying expensive equipment if I have to neuter it for one game. Not happening. I’ll try the renaming of the file.

Well, you probably going to see performance impact too if you rename the file, since it wont load Nvidia optimized profile which give you better performance.

RTX user here,

This usually happens when you overclock your GPU past Overwatch’s optimal limits. I recommend setting the memory clock to +100 mhz, power to +50 and Offset to +350.
This will make your card run much more stable.

If you’re not overclocking your card and this is still happening then you need to contact your card’s manufacturer, maybe the pin connector is faulty.

It really doesn’t have to mean it is a faulty pin connector. It would mean many people with an RTX have this same issue and that just isn’t that likely. I wasn’t overclocking my card and I still had the same issue and yet the renaming method completely solved it.


It is 100% RTX and Blizzard.

I have a new 2080 in recent months, previously had a 1080Ti.

1080Ti rarely, rarely crashed in OW. Now with the 2080, I’m getting rendering device lost regularly - sometimes multiple times a day.

It means playing comp is impossible anymore, last season I lot a truck load of SR for ‘quitting’.

I also play Apex and BFV a lot, and neither have crashed once since I got the RTX. It’s exclusively Overwatch.

Everyone, please check this possible workaround if you have not already:

Hey, just my 2 cents. Had a 2080 FE, had this problem on the regular. Tried everything I could find…DDU drivers, underclock all the things (honestly should never have to do this), rename to overwatchtest and load game with that executable, uninstalled NVidia experience, reseated RAM, even exchanged the card for a new one. Upgraded to an evga 2080ti…still having this problem. Beyond frustrating.

Please create a support ticket when the renaming method doesn’t do the trick.

Updating this thread since it’s the most recent on the issue now that I’m certain I’ve figured out a workaround for this problem. I have an RTX 2080 card that was fine, but after a while of having it Overwatch started crashing out with the rendering device lost error. The issue seems to have something to do with the specific profile that NVIDIA has set for Overwatch.exe, because using NVIDIA Profile Inspector I was able to delete the built-in Overwatch.exe profile that came with the driver and the crash stopped happening.

I am certain this is the cause now because after installing the latest version of the driver, which restores the built-in profiles, the problem happened again. I again deleted the built-in profile for Overwatch.exe and the problem is once again resolved.

Something about the built-in profile for Overwatch that comes with NVIDIA driver software is causing this issue with the RTX 2080 card. I saw prior mention by Blizzard staff somewhere trying to narrow down the cause requesting that players rename Overwatch.exe to avoid loading NVIDIA’s profile for the game and report back. I believe deleting the profile accomplishes the same thing.

The problem is an NVIDIA problem, but it is also Overwatch-specific and does not affect other games. Blizzard staff, please take note of this in your efforts to track the issue and work with NVIDIA to solve it.

Just quoting you here so you get notified of the solution that worked for me.


Wow thank you so much Orion. I had tried a million things but it was the NVIDIA game profiles that were causing my issue.

Edit: Turns out my other issue was gpu was overheating after i was defaulted to high settings. Coincidentally I have just started turning my heat on. Usually it’s two smaller problems causing a bigger problem