Rendering Device Lost (Baptiste)

Everytime I’m in the hero select screen in a 6v6 and I click Baptiste, his character loads up and shortly after the game says “rendering device lost”. The only way I can get around this is by waiting for the select hero countdown to finish while pressing the arrow keys so none of the characters show up and quickly double click Baptsite once the select hero timer ends so that if I double click him, his character won’t show up on the hero select screen and gets me in game instantly without crashing.

I decided to also tested if it crashed if any other character appeared loaded up on the select hero screen. Each character would successfully allow me to stay without looking at the character until the hero select screen said the game was ready to commence except for Baptiste. As soon as his character loaded up, once he gets into his normal stance in the hero select screen. The game crashes “rendering device lost. application closing”.

I have posted this on Technical Support and was told to post this again on Bug Report.

Edit: Happens mostly with Baptiste but sometimes happens with other characters