Rendering Device Lost Again

Had this issue back in December when I first got my rtx 2080. The only solution I found for this was turning down some of my settings and it worked. It seemed like others with the 2080 were having a similar issue. I have been playing the game everyday for the past month and haven’t had any issues. Now all of a sudden I’m getting this issue again saying my rendering device was lost and I have made zero changes from how I have normally been playing. Not sure if this is an overwatch patch issue or a driver update but this is super frustrating especially since the issue makes me have to hard reset my computer. Guess I’m taking a break from this game…


We have a post about RTX TDR errors that you can review Here. If the issue continues it also linked to troubleshooting this error.

Thank you.

Install the stock driver ( in my case with the 1060, from march 2018), and the rendering device error is gone…

When i install the newer drivers, i get the error, go down to stock driver: no error

Just downgrade the driver to the stock version and you probably won’t see the message again