Rendering device has been lost

Hi, ever since OW 2 was released the game is crashing with some errors. I was getting rid of them, but the “Your rendering device has been lost! Application closing!” persisted. Here is my DxDiag output device lost - . I have the latest GPU driver, Windows update, my GPU is not overheating, I don’t have anything overclocked and I closed every other program so that only Overwatch is running.

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just a random input, i fixed mine by increasing my APU vram to 4gb. Tried 3gb still crashing. Idk about gpus tho.

My GPU VRAM is only 3GB, but I have every setting on the lowest possible, so I only use like 600MB.

im having the same issue. i can play one or two matches before I get a crash and I play other graphics-heavy games and nothing like this happens. i wonder if it’s with the new update, but I can’t play on my PC until it’s fixed :smiling_face_with_tear:

If you’re doing any kind of GPU overclock this will happen. Overwatch is a potato and will crash when you do any kind of overclocking using apps like Afterburner or GPU Tweak etc.

make sure you also install the latest drivers.

Hi there.

Try to reconnect your GPU in PCI-E slot. Check if there is some dust and blow it out of your case.

I can also recommend fresh installation of OS.

I don’t have my GPU overcloked. And I removed my GPU, blew all the dust off and put it back in. I installed Win 10 Pro last year, so I don’t really feel like doing it again. Thanks for the advice though

You can try swapping RAM.

You can also create small partition for installation of second OS and boot into that, locate Overwatch game through Battlenet and try by this way if problem is somewhere in OS without need of reinstallation and making copies of your data.

Yeah I had only 8GB RAM and OW was crashing randomly without any error, so I bought 16GB last week and thought that that will solve it. It did solve that, but alas there is this new error.

Try look at this link:

I checked that thread and tried everything in there, but nothing helped. That’s why I created this thread with my DxDiag output, so that someone that understands it could help

Theres loads of issues that could be occurring. Rendering Device Lost - Blizzard Support has some common solutions.

Other than that, I took a quick look at your DxDiag and didn’t see anything that stood out to me but there might be something im not familiar with that could be happening.


  • Visually inspecting your graphics card for dust or any type of physical damage
  • ensure your graphics card is properly connected to the motherboard and the PCIe cable.
  • Ensure your power supply can support your graphics card.
  • 3Gb of video memory might not be enough to support overwatch 2, although im not entirely knowledgeable of overwatch 2 system requirements.
  • Tweak with your monitor settings to see if you’re running at too high of a refresh rate or resolution than it can handle.

If all else fails, you can always talk to technical support themselves.

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If your card is Nvidia 30 series, you can try to do GPU Undervolting. I have resolved all crashes for all games on my 3090.

here is how:

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