Rendering device has been lost

Overwatch keeps crashing with this msg popping up while in a game. Temps are fine, RAM is fine, PSU is fine, drivers are updated, windows is up to date, i’ve tried to reinstall both blizzard launcher and overwatch, nothing works. Anyone know what to do about this?

Don’t bother. This bug is old as dirt. Never fixed. You know how I reduced it on Windows 7. I had to set my paging files to automatic and not manual.

Try this

This happens on all Nvida cards.

I’m aware. This is the best I could find for op

Used to be an AMD issue every single patch and driver update. Just keep the game and the card up to date.

I’ve tried everything everywhere. Nothing has successfully worked. Bar downgrading the drivers to an older version. Where it never happened. Except I can’t remember what version that was to do it.

This didn’t start happening to me until recently, this is so irritating. Just crashed out of the game and came back to a warning; now i’m scared to play…

Trust me. I crash a lot with this crap game for that reason. Nothing ever worked. All I know it’s caused by a update to the Nvida driver at a certain point. Which is easily over a year ago.

All my drivers are up to date, maybe its the card itself though? Its an old 980, not even a TI, maybe this is the excuse I need to upgrade to a 2080…

Not the card, it’s the drivers. I would render videos for 16 hours. It never crashed it. I could run OW for 5 mins. Render devices has crashed. It’s not heat, not OS, not damage.

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So depressing, hours spent trying to figure this out just to find out its on blizzards end…

I would blame Nvida and Blizzard. It’s so bad I thought my power supply was going bad. The crashes make NO SENSE.

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