Rendering device has been lost

After fixing my input lag, overwatch started to crash more often, this has always been a big problem to me. my settings are on low and I even lowered my resolution (lowering the resolution helped me with the input lag). I have a gaming laptop with a gtx 1050 with an intel core i7 7700hq. I always update my nvidia drivers.

Please try the steps from the staff in the sticky thread about this issue:

I have a nvidia card

Please read the whole post. There are suggestions for those NOT using AMD or Ryzen.

Ive tried the superfetch thing, nothing wrong with that, most of these solutions apply to desktop players

All of the suggestions apply to desktop and laptop users. Do any of these issues relate to your setup? Crashes? Performance Issues? Known Issues Here!

Also, if nothing applies from that thread, you’ll need to provide a dxdiag. Make sure to manually check for an update on Windows before you do a dxidag.

I dont think my ow is crashing because of overheating. When ow crashed, the gpu was on 66 degrees…the crashes are really random too. Sometimes it takes about an hour, sometimes it takes 5 mins.

Can you provide a dxdiag? Instructions in the link on my last post.