“Rendering device has been lost! Application closing.”

Welp, has you can see by the title, i am another user who has faced this problem, and havent found fixes.
Tried updating windows to the latest version, tried updating the drivers to the latest version, tried reinstalling the game, tried alot of solutions that at the end of the day, didnt actually do anything.
Ive got a ryzen 7 2700X 8 cores
A EVGA RTX 2070 ultra xc
16 Ram (gb, of course)
I got a b450m ds3h as my motherboard, i believe, and yeah…
Thats it.
Please help me fix this!!
This is my favorite game.

There is an ongoing investigation with RTX 20X0 graphic cards causing the RDL errors. Since you did state that you have the latest Windows Operating System update and the latest graphic card driver update from NVidia, I recommend trying this workaround solution in this thread: