Rendering device error causing penalties

No you will just be reported and diagnosed as the problem. Blizzard logic works, if you are a fanboy. But if you are over 12 you are playing a real competitive game.

I have a 1080 and experience it.

It’s not specific to peoples’ configs but is a known overwatch problem

I have the RTX 2060 founders.

Here are MY findings.

I am running the Late January release-date patch to the OPERATING SYSTEM. The new drivers. I have no clue. But when I did the February patch. It added terrible performance issues to this game.

Windows 10. I DESPISE “Windows update medic service”. It Forces everyone to update, and then takes 1/2 an hour to uninstall their JUNK “update”.

Because every patch Windows does for Win 10. IS TERRIBLE. IT doesn’t make the PC any better, any safer and does NOT plug “potential” exploits to the OS for very long. A person can still go onto ANY seedy website and still pickup a virus, and UNLESS a person is using a STATIC IP address (Which nearly 90% of home users do NOT!) The patching is POINTLESS.

Windows 10 tries to patch against the very niche attacks that can be countered AGAIN. Just look at “wanna Cry”. Easy-come, easy-go. They plug for that issue and then WC 2 will come out and we are right back to square 1.

What makes NVIDIA a terrible joke is. Unless a person has a certain windows patch, The RTX 2060 drivers do NOT work. Which is garbo on their part. For not being backward compatible. SO those with calibration computers that wanted RTX cards are STUCK unable to do so. I’ve been a loyal nvidia customer for years. But if they are going to hard-lock their drivers to only certain versions of updates. It isn’t worth the money anymore on their junk.

  1. It is an Nvidia problem, not blizzard
  2. Run Nvidia inspector and just delete the overwatch profile. If that doesn’t fix your issues then there is something wrong with your PC.

My ow was crashing every 5-15 for a veeeeery long time until I did #2. No problem since and it’s been months.


Post in the tech section, they are very helpful and when I have had issues with my game card they have replied very quickly and actually found a solution for me.

You can also let them know about the problem.

There are security holes being found in a wide variety of software and utilities. Even in software that has the singular goal to provide protection is constantly going through a tug of war battle between hackers and security analysts (such as Denuvo). Microsoft is patching legitimate security issues that could compromise your computer, network, and control over your user account. They may seem minor or pointless, but their updates are important, and sometimes contain crucial files related to DirectX in order for your GPU to utilize the latest features. I’m not sure why you believe having a static IP address has any relevancy on the matter, but a free antivirus program would provide you with the protection you’re looking for, as Microsoft even recommends using a dedicated antivirus software rather than their own Windows Defender in order to prevent and quarantine viruses.

If its not effecting all 1080’s its specific to individual builds and configurations. Meaning there is something about your pc’s setup.

As someone who has run technical support for over 10 years the worst thing you can assume when you are having an issue is " I am not the only one having an issue like this. Therefore it is something wrong with X instead of me."

You are literally saying in your title “My Card or drivers errors are causing penalties” … you do realise that right?
If OW was failing with Nvidia it would be massive. Its a “you” issue mate.
Just because it happens to a few players it doesn’t mean is Blizzard’s fault.

Deflection at its finest.

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Not had this problem on my 1080Ti but used to get it on my old RX 480. Honestly can’t help lol.

I’ll try this. Thanks! But if it was a PC problem, why would Overwatch be the only game on my entire computer to experience problems?

It isn’t just OW that has the problem, almost all crash to desktops in games are caused by the same error. The difference is only Overwatch has a unique error to tell you what happened.

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i only got it when i over over clocked my gpu and it would get too hot

Makes sense. I did have Borderlands 2 randomly crash a few times a few weeks ago. It hasn’t done it since, but that is the only game that has crashed as well.

Overwatch is the only game that consistently crashes. Borderlands 2 only recently crashed. It was a few times and hasn’t done it since. No other game I have has ever crashed once.

I have multiple Assassin’s Creed games, Binding of Isaac, the entire Tomb Raider reboot series, every Blizzard game, and others. None of them have ever crashed.

Could this be something unique to my build that specifically impedes on OW’s performance and causes render loss that doesn’t affect other games? I’ve tried the troubleshooting on B. net, but that didn’t work either.

It’s specifically a problem with NVidia’s profile for Overwatch causing the frequent crash. I’ve got a pretty amazing PC and there is nothing that should have been causing the issue to exist in the first place. It’s just a weird bug nvidia has that hasnt been fixed.

Oh great… lmao

Is there any work around? I appreciate all of the information.

There are 2 that have worked for me.

  1. Every update, you can make a copy of the Overwatch.exe and rename it and you HAVE to launch from that, signing in every time. It also needs redone with every pathch.
  2. NVidia inspector to remove the OW profile, which 100% fixed it for me and I havent had issues since.

I’ll try the second option first. Thank you a bunch for the help!

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When Overwatch is the only game that causes the error out of the 12 or so that I play, then yeah…it’s a blizzard problem lol

No , not really. That doesn’t work like that mate.
Firs of all because you don’t own ALL existing games, so you can’t literally make the claim that “only OW causes the error”.

Second, there are million players with Nvidia that are not getting that error so its clearly a “you” issue. Take into account that the message you are receiving is from Windows, not OW.

Here are some of the other RTX threads that might have ideas that will help.

Personally, I get the same errors depending on the patch on a non-Nvidia card if I run much of anything else at the same time. It’s just life with Blizzard games.