"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


Does anyone has try the new Nvidia drivers ( 417.71) ?


Still crashes with this error.


Curiously, you want us to keep playing and generated test results for you, but you are not willing to roll back SR loss or endorsement level drops?


Still getting the same issue after 3 FFA matches in a row with updated drivers from Jan 15

– Friendly reminder that you can quickly close and reopen the game between each match and avoid getting this issue whatsoever albeit being annoying. Highly recommend this strategy untill a definitive fix is implemented if you have the game on an SSD.


if they fix this problem


got this error today on my first match playing arcade random heros. I was playing Starcraft 2 right before playing Overwatch with no issues. I was playing as lucio when this happened. I recall this happening previously with lucio.


While I am sure that this is prevalent in RTX cards… I can confirm that it is not just an 2000 series issues. In the last month I have experienced this issue a number of times with a 980TI after years of stable game play. I have a fresh load of Windows 10 and I have tried all Nvidia drivers all the way back to 417.01. Mem usuage is good, CPU, GPU temps are good. Should be plenty of power with a 850W power supply.

But there seems to be no rhyme or reason. No map, character, etc. I will say though that it seems to happens between matches much more often than in an actual match.



Im having this problem too, but if I monitore task manager it shows my GPU usage to be 0-2% when Im playing overwatch. Everything in every other game works and no crashes. I cant even stream OW anymore because of this.

i5 9600k
asus z390-f
gskill ripjaws 3200mhz c16
msi rtx 2070 armor


I have the same issue with my RTX2070 ROG Strix. Any other game runs smoother than ever. Even OW has way better performance but crashes due to this “bug”.
I’ve by now lost 200SR only due to leaves caused by this + another 100+ SR lost due to crashes mid-game giving enemies free pushes 6v5… Really frustrating sicne I can’t do anything about it but get heavily punished for it :confused:


Has everyone, with new installations, turned off windows Xbox DVR that is on by default every time you get a new Windows computer or reinstall?

That’s an overlay and it’s easily overlooked. It’s annoying af.


Dear Blizzard Support,

Microsoft is not supporting any HDR in windows, just basic support only, every app on his own here to support it.
You can’t ignore them, so you have to support that in game, and keep those setting, now it switches all the time, not knowing were to render the image too.
Do proper HDR support, and it’s fixed, easy! Just one slider button on the setup screen, 0 to 2000 enough now. So that the monitor does not need to switch all the time! If your screen is 1200, set it on 1200!
When i go back to HD Ready HDMi, no issue on any nVidia card, it’s totaly HDR related.


You need to run US windows



I think I found it.

I’ve been testing all the graphic options one by one and the one that produces problems in the framerate is “Dynamic Reflections”. If you disable it (or maybe set it to low) the problem seems to disappear, at least in my PC. I have a I7 with Geforce 1080 and using the new “G-Sync Compatible” option in Nvidia with the framerate limited to – 2 of the monitor’s fps, in my case, 58fps. Playing stable, without tearing and without “render errors”. Can you test it and tell us?


Yes, I have two monitors on for my rig.


I just tried a few times with the dynamic reflections setting all the way off. Unfortunately, still experiencing “Render Device Lost”


Sadly, I’m having a similar experience. Every response I’ve gotten has been everything other than something about the game itself; although, one rep in particular, Borroq, seemed to be very sincere in trying to assist. Sadly his resolution didn’t resolve my issue.


I’m glad Blizzard is finally starting to (slightly) acknowledge its a more widespread issue than previously thought. I was a little frustrated to see support repeatedly saying it happens in our other games too and is not just Overwatch. For me, it is ONLY Overwatch having problems.

I have an RTX 2080 and had the same render device lost issue as others. I binged on a bunch of PC games this holiday season using the 2080 and Overwatch is literally the only game crashing. Everything else runs buttery smooth, no issues.

I changed the Nvidia control panel graphic settings as recommended which seems to have fixed it for me. The downside is one or more of the new settings causes the work load of the GPU to max out (was only 70-80% before). I even had to lower some of the in-game graphic settings to compensate.

There is also a weird glitch for me with the RTX 2080 where Overwatch is stuck at a 132 Hz refresh rate when my monitor is set to 144 Hz. V-sync is disabled and in-game setting is set to 144 Hz. Still at 132 Hz with low settings too. All my other games run at 144 Hz on this card except Overwatch. It just seems like their code doesn’t play well with RTX.


I don’t get the rendering device error. It seems like when overwatch came out, it was not an issue. At some point, it became very common.


Everytime when my Overwatch crashs , i have this error " the driver nvlddmkm stopped responding " It could be the problem ! Can you say me if you have this error too ?

  • Right click on your Windows logo on the desktop
  • Open Viewer Event
  • Click on Custom Display
  • Select Administration Event

In the Error list or advert list try to find what is written when your Overwatch crashs.

(sorry my Windows is in french so it’s possible that the words I used before are not good)



Thanks for trying. In my case, the problem has been solved with the “Dynamic Reflections” option but you can try setting the graphic profile to low (or disabled) and enabling one by one (or two by two) while playing to try to find the option (if any) that causes the problem. The “FPS limit” is something worth trying too, specially if you are planning to use adaptative sync (G-Sync or FreeSync).

In my PC, even when I didn’t get the “Render device lost” error, the game tends to have inconsistent framerate with moments of 1 or 2 fps. That’s why, disabling the “Vertical Sync or triple buffer” is recommended. When VSync is enabled, the system is more sensible to the fps fall and gives you the “Render device lost” error more frequently but, without VSync, you can gat a few fps falls before getting the damn error.

Good luck everyone!