"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


I love how Im getting this error… I got this error game closed now I got warning that I can get banned for leaving maches early… gj blizzard


Getting this error on my 2080 after the event update. Can only make it through 2 or 3 games before it crashes. I noticed the GPU temperature spikes to about 76c each time and then crashes. Overwatch seems to be causing an overheating issue on the RTX. No issues with any other games, which are more demanding than Overwatch is.


I tried like everything i red here and nothing worked, its a driver problem <- thats fact the only thing thats funny is as i did a clean nvidia installation i had some days without crashes the same with my bios update but some hours later there is the same error.


RTX2070 here, The renaming of Overwatch.exe worked for me :slight_smile:


I’d also like to mention that this is the case with me. It doesn’t matter even if you’re on a 1080 or earlier card. The newer drivers cause the Rendering Device Lost issue at random.

When you use drivers from 411 and 399 or before, NO issues at all, ever!

It’s clearly the newer nVidia drivers not playing nice with Overwatch.


2070 here.

I’m getting this in the Event viewer:
A caller specified the SDC_FORCE_MODE_ENUMERATION flag in a call to the SetDisplayConfig() API

All screens goes black once and then a crash with “render device was lost”.

I’m not getting the above with OverwatchTest.exe


I have the EVGA Rtx 2070 black and the overwatchtest.exe seemed to fixed the issue. i’ve played multiple days now without any “rendering device has been lost” errors. Hopefully it continues to work.


Could you explain how it helped, sorry i dont know this method.


Any update on this issue? Literally can’t play OW with my RTX 2070 because I crash and get hit with a cooldown. Renaming did nothing to help… All other games work perfectly fine.


Best of luck, I emailed support for 8 months and tried all of their “suggestions” (none of which admitted error in their code) then they told me they can’t help.

Blizzard don’t care, they already have our money.
The only way to fix it is to uninstall and play a game made by competent people.


I’m not one to usually complain, but I agree that this is now getting pretty ridiculous.


You have a completely different problem from the one being discussed in this thread. RTX cards have only been out about four months now.


Nope, he has the same issue as others have, the fact that RTX cards are crashing more does not make all other legitimate cases completely different problem.

I have the same problem on two of my pc’s, one with GeForce 980M (laptop) and one with RTX 2080 and the problem is that something causes TDR to kick in and it only happens in Overwatch. I have over 500 games installed and I faced no issues with any of them but Overwatch.

Just to clarify something:

  • drivers can be the cause of the TDR that is not at doubt at all
  • overwatch is the only software/game from over 500 games that I had issues with on two completely different computers with different driver versions
  • even if it is a bug in the drivers/profiles the bug is only triggered by Overwatch thus I claim it is their game at fault


I switched my RTX 2070 to the PCIE x16 slot on my ASRock Z390 Extreme4 LGA 1151 motherboard - it was seated on the next slot down, but for aesthetics and better air flow I moved it up. It was put on the second initially because I eyeballed wrong and thought it had no room to go there on the first slot.

Anyways my OW didn’t crash once for 2-3 weeks on this new build with the card in the x8 second PCIE slot. Tonight I remounted to x16 PCIE first slot and used DDU, got newest drivers from Nvidia and played game. Got two crashes in 10 mins, one allowed me to send to Blizzard, the first closed the app and was just a Microsoft message. I don’t think I restarted after getting drivers but I did and went into practice range for a bit and it seemed OKAY.

I ran Rainbow Six Siege and Black Ops 4 and played for about 25 mins each with no crashes. Haven’t tried an actual match of OW yet, but I dropped from endorsement 4 to 3 because of two crashes within 10 mins… do I have a problem with this card?

What are good drivers to revert back to ?? ANYONE? PLEASE? I am on latest Nvidia drivers that released 1/15/2019.

EDIT: IT WONT LET ME roll back to 411… says not comptible with this version of WINDOWS. WHAT?


You should try to OverwatchTest.exe method described above by blue. Worked for me even though it’s a pain in the behind to have to re-auth every time.


An RTX 2080 crashing and a laptop 980M crashing are probably two different problems.


I would like you to tell me more on that, please? You seems to be very sure that the issue is not with Overwatch.


I can only go back to Nvidia drivers 416.34. Anyone know if these are good?


What drivers are you on?


That is for Blizzard and Nvidia to determine. If a 980M is unstable its probably something simple like overheating. I have a feeling no one knows for sure what the issue with the RTX is since there are dozens of theories out there and the RTX issues aren’t limited to Overwatch.