"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


Installed the latest patch and Nvidia drivers and Overwatch still crashes every 10-20~ minutes on my RTX 2080.
I love Overwatch but I can’t bloody play like this.


What is the error message being shown? Depending on the error message it is also possible you are using the wrong password.


Have you tried out the OverwatchTest method yet?


EVGA RTX 2070 Black - OverwatchTest does not work, just crashed at the beginning of a comp game and lost 60 rating + 30min penalty. Great. No crashes in any other games.


I’m running an RTX 2080 Duke OC from MSI and had been experiencing nightly crashes playing Overwatch since putting my build together. I’ve now been crash-free for the last 5 nights of play after making a few adjustments.

  1. Removed all but the factory overclocks on both my CPU (8600k) and GPU. (CPU is factory clocked to 4.1GHz and I set the GPU to it’s default in Afterburner). I had been running the CPU at 4.8GHz.

  2. Flashed an updated vBIOS on my GPU. (MSI released an updated vBIOS for the card a couple weeks after it was released, but apparently requires you to apply it manually.)

I wish my methodology had been more scientific so I could better determine which of these changes got rid of the crashing, I’m just glad that things seem to be stable now.

Check ( techpowerup . com / vgabios / ) if you’d like to see if a more recent vBIOS has been released for your video card than the one it shipped with. I used nvflash to apply the new one.


Hello guys,

I have the same issue “Render Device Lost”. My computer is :

  • I7 9700k OC @ 4.9GHZ
  • DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z, 16 Go, 3200 MHz, CAS 14 (with XMP profile activated)

I thought it was an issue due to my GPU OC, so I’ve deleted MSI AfterBurner and remove all my graphic card drivers using DDU. It seems to be more stable than before the OC but I still have this issue randomly… I would say that I have the same issue with BF5 who is crashing sometimes for no reason…

When OW is working, my fps is 140-180 using epic setting and 1920*1080 @ 144hz. I don’t know what do you get guys but I think it’s clearly nothing for this kind of GPU… So I really think it’s NVIDIA drivers problems…

Please find a fix asap… :confused: . I can do all tests for you Blizzard if you want. Just tell me what to do !



Look at my post immediately above yours. Check if there was an update released for your GPUs BIOS and see if applying that helps.


Which command should I use into nvflash please? I downloaded this one I think this is the lastest for me ( vgabios/205153/msi-rtx2080-8192-180913-1 ). But I don’t know how can I see my actual GPU bios version?


Once I unzipped the nvflash download, I moved the new BIOS .rom file into the same folder, then I dragged and dropped it onto the nvflash64.exe (for Windows 64bit) and it just did its thing.

Just make sure you aren’t running any other programs at the time. I’d recommend doing so after a fresh reboot and closing all programs that auto-start.

The software looks really intimidating when trying to use it with command line. Once I found out you could just drag and drop the rom onto the exe file, it became much less scary. Worked just fine for me.


I have been using the OverwatchTest method for 4 days now and not experienced a Rendering Device Lost error (yet). However, I am now experiencing frequent FPS drops while in-game lasting a couple seconds every 3-5 minutes. I am using a Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming (416.34) and an 8700K.


Just got a new Ryzen 2700 / Zotac 2080 RTX and experiencing the same. (Msi X470 Carbon mb is that’s matters).
Can you ask your dev team as a temporary solution to detect crashes and at least don’t ban / remove SR from people for that(or maybe allow them to continie, is it qp or comp, doesn’t matters)? (I think it’s pretty easy to distinguish it from alt-f4)

Every other GPU-heavy app works just fine on my machine, including Redshift and Octane renderers, without any crashes.

All drivers installed, no temp spikes, no VRAM spikes, nothing, just freezes with that message and that’s it.
I don’t know if that can be a hint for your dev team, but guys as Redshift experiencing the same weird pattern with RTX - it’s crashing randomly for some people, more with 2080Ti, less with 2080.
Maybe you can just contact them about that.

I can’t post links here for some reason…


And… I just had my first crash since flashing a new GPU BIOS and disabling all OC software. I’m at a loss. I guess I’ll try the renaming of the overwatch.exe file and see if I have any better luck.

MSI RTX 2080 Duke OC
Intel i5 8600k @ 4.1GHz
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 16Gb
MSI Z370M Board


Yea I’ve lost around 1,000 SR over the past 9 months due to this game breaking screw up that Blizzard refuse to fix.

They say it’s hardware but Overwatch is the only program that will crash.
They say it’s software conflicts but it crashes on a new HDD with just windows and Overwatch.

Uninstalled this poorly coded excuse for a game this morning.


Just an FYI to Blizzard that this is 100% code problem.

I am using this rig ATM, and playing on intel UHD 630
I7-9700K, XMP - on, MCE - off
16GB Ram, C16 3200Mhz

I am getting this error every 30min - 1 hour
Renaming does not help
I am planning to buy RTX2070 but if this continues and blizzard cant do anything. Shame, this is code related, not hardware


RTX 2080. On launch drivers. Over a week of consistent play on the oldest 400 series drivers and no crashes so far.

There was one instance where the game crashed where I left it idle for 6+ hours when I AFK’d on menu screen, but not sure that was driver-related because… menu screen.

Haven’t tested the OverwatchTest method with new drivers.


I can say only one thing after trying all possible solutions, managed to play a week without issues and now out of nowhere the error came back.

I can’t believe company the size of Blizzard can’t COMMUNICATE with nVidia on the issue and look up for a solution. It is not our damn software, hardware, it is your GAME that is at fault. If you can’t reproduce it by your QA or DEV teams why don’t you reach out to YOUR COMMUNITY for help, PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCE IT ON DAILY BASIS?

If it is a driver’s issue then why it is only TRIGGERED by Overwatch?


In order to communicate about an issue one first needs to know the actual issue. The error code we are getting is extremely general and doesn’t tell Blizzard nor NVidia anything. And this is exactly why Blizzard has posted in this thread several times in order to first determine what is actual causing the game to crash to desktop.

And Blizzard did reach out to the community to find out what is causing the issue, see Drakuloth’s posts. Also, they did reproduce it but it is extremely rare, hence Drakuloth asking for data and now asking us to try out OverwatchTest. They now have a general idea of what may be the culprit but for a solution you really need to first know what you are even trying to fix.


I can confirm that the issue isn’t just restricted to Overwatch. As someone who uses GPU based 3D rendering software, I have had exactly the same issue with Vray when a scene is being rendered - with the same outcome (software locking up, then the fans ramp down, finally the system freezes until restart).

I have had a little luck with Overwatch lately however, and that is by following the Blizzard forum post above. I believe there are two issues that may be at play here: The first is a hardware-based issue (relating to RTX cards that contain Micron vram), and a second that is linked to driver profile problems (which may be resolved by creating the overwatchtest application rename). I personally believe that both of these are not linked.

I would firstly suggest you check what vram your card uses; you can do so by using an application called GPU-Z. If you are running Micron vram on your card I would suggest returning it (if it is a Founder’s Edition card directly from Nvidia then request an advanced RMA). If it is not Micron Vram, I would suggest the Overwatch test rename above. If you have already done this, then I would suggest that you use Windbg to open the crash dump file from your computer, then export the contents (first remember to click the !analyse option) to a text file and submit two tickets, one to Blizzard and the other to Nvidia through a live chat, then request it be sent to second line support.

For those who are using the overwatchtest rename method and wish to play on other region servers, add one of the following to the end of the shortcut location (within properties) after …tchtest.exe"


This will enable you to play on your respective server from a shortcut outside of the launcher.

Also, I have previously spoken to Blizzard over the phone about this issue, and it is certainly something they are aware of and working towards resolving. This may provide some of you a temporary workaround.



My card uses micron VRAM but I don’t have the crash to desktop as often as many others in this thread do. I used to have about one crash a day, but lately it is about one per week or so.

Also, even if you return the card with micron VRAM how does one even go about getting a new card without it? I don’t know, I wonder if micron VRAM is one part of the problem why I am not experiencing it as much as others do.


The issue is clear, something is causing the GPU to hang and windows TDR is killing the driver.
Yes I know they have asked for dxdiag info, what I am telling is that if they can’t reproduce it reliably on their machines then work with the community and that part of it that experience the error on daily basis.
I am aware of all the proposed solutions and as well on the technical side of things.
Never implied it is easy to be fixed!

@Jack working with GPU intensive software (in your case rendering) is known to stress the GPU and TDR kicking in (ex. substance painter). However it is completely separated issue when it comes to heavy rendering and playing a video game. I am sure you are very well aware of the difference.
vram is samsung and my hardware is perfectly fine. Thank you for your time and suggestions, they are welcomed.
By the way, have you disabled TDR? Otherwise your system should recover from such freezes? That is the whole purpose of TDR after all.


As far as I am aware, Nvidia automatically replace it with a newer revision (which uses Samsung instead). My initial graphics card was Micron, and liquid cooled, however upon putting the card back together before sending it off, I noticed that the VRAM had gone so bad there was liquid seeping from the chips… was a bit shocking to see!

@vstoychev Oh I’m sure it is fine, I am thinking it’s something to do with profiles and drivers. Anyway I can’t go too much further as I’m not that much of an expert with these things!