"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX

I am also getting this error. Though possibly of note I also get this error with Black Ops 4 (Overwatch and Black Ops are the only 2 games I own that are crashing.)

Anyone else with both of these games on the 20#0 series of graphics cards getting this error and crash?

Today i decided to restore W10 without lost any apps/doc . I played during 10 games in a row without " Rendering device has been lost " bugs. I hope this had fix the problem for me. I’ll keep you in touch.

I mean I don’t want to be harsh about this, but this is a game breaking bug effecting a LOT of people and its now reliably been happening for a month now.


My final response in a tech support ticket was that they cannot help me… they tried to suggest it’s a problem with my hardware, but clearly you’re all having the exact same problem!

I’m absolutely furious at the complete lack of support from Blizzard on this issue, there is a very serious problem with the Overwatch code and it needs to be fixed NOW!
Stop everything, no lunch breaks, no family time, no bathroom breaks, you do absolutely NOTHING except fix this problem… this is completely unacceptable!!

This problem has been ongoing for over 8 months!
I’ve tried display driver uninstaller
I’ve monitored the temps.
I’ve tried rolling back the drivers.
I’ve tried the latest drivers.
I’ve tried turning the game settings to low.
I’ve tried switching off Superfetch (sysmain)
I’ve tried turning off dynamic reflections.
I’ve even replaced a perfectly good GPU!

Blizzard this is absolutely beyond the joke, I’ll be seeking legal advice since the consumer laws in my country demand that you provide the service I paid for.

Stop trying to pass the buck.
Stop trying to say this is a hardware issue.
Stop giving us worthless “solutions”
Stop ignoring the problem…

Just do your damned jobs and fix this poorly coded excuse for a game.


This is a legit problem that really needs to be addressed in a meaningful way…

But lighten up Francis.

If I’m frustrated it’s because I’ve been putting up with this error for 8 months!

8 months of being told this is a hardware issue, even after replacing hardware!
8 months of being told this is my fault.
8 months of being unable to reliably play Overwatch.
8 months of being patient and nothing to show for it.

Completely unacceptable!


I’m in the same boat… they gave me links that i’ve already read a hundred times. even sent me links letting me know that they can’t get back the ranks i’ve lost because of this bug. what a waste. lost more than 250 points because of this.

In this thread alone there are 88 EIGHTY EIGHT individual people having this same error.
This doesn’t include all the others who have made similar threads.
Nor does it include all those who are experiencing this and don’t use forums.

Blizzard would have us believe there is something wrong with all our hardware.
Enough is enough Blizzard, fix your game or hire people who are competent.

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You counted the people with the same error than you should also have seen the continued response from a Blizzard employee who eventually acknowledged the issue. He even reproduced it but it is so rare he needs more data from anyone who is experiencing this issue. Hiring “competent” people doesn’t change the fact it is impossible to know what is causing the crashes without more data supplied by us.

I am also experiencing the same error with an RTX 2070 video card. In my experience, the same experience Blizzard has, is that it is rather random. I have the error at max once per day. And even then I have had days without it, for no explanatory reason as I haven’t changed any settings nor installed new drivers. Sure, some have it more often which makes it that more important for anyone who knows about this thread and who has the same issue to supply them with data. You can’t expect them to find what is causing the issue if reproducing it in-house doesn’t give them enough data to figure out the culprit.

Edit: I haven’t had a crash since Blizzard asked us to install HWMonitor or I would have supplied them with information. What I do know, since I have monitored it with another program is that I see no change in temperature when it did crash. It has also happened on any map at any point during a match, but never when waiting on a match to start or between matches.

Adding in. Myself and 2 other friends all have this issue and have tried every fix suggested in this thread. 2 2080’s and 1 2070.

I’ve gone from a 5 star rep to a 3 because of this issue and we can’t play comp. Plz Help.

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Drakuloth, have any updates for us?

Ive had different suggestions - some of which I’ve refused to follow. Like unistall my motherboard software.
last thing they suggested was to re-name the exefile to overtwach test and log in manually… which i’m testing now - not sure how this is a suggestion but hey

Happened sometimes on my laptop with 1070, no overclock. Happening now on my desktop with 2080, no overclock. Watching my temperature, never goes over 60C…

I have the same problem .Until I use the Tdr Manipulator v1.2 tdr tool (by Wagnard) to disable the Windows TDR behavior. (Disable the first option). After this problem is resolved. I have been playing for three days or even More, if I encounter this problem again, I will update here.

But this is not the best solution. I think this is a problem with OVERWATCH.


Does this Tdr manipulator pose a threat to the lifespan of our PC?
It warns us not to use it on a healthy system…

Just started getting this render device lost for my RTX EVGA 2070. Has happened multiple times. I reinstalled drivers and still keeps happening.

Just tried this, and worked for me.

Downlaoded MSI Afterburner and underclocked my GPU. Settings used:

GPU: Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2070
Core Clock (MHz): -100
Memory Clock (MHz): -400

Played one game without crashing! omg… lol. I know that we are not using the cards full potential which I believe Blizzard will fix sooner or later, but dang it I want to play. Will keep playing with this setting and see if the problems still continue.

I’m trying to leave it on, but increase delay to 8 seconds (default is 2 seconds). We’ll see if it works… Will report back.

I’m having this issue on my rtx 2080, with ryzen 2700x processor, and asrockb450m pro4 motherboard. I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed. This crash occurs randomly, and I can go a whole day without a crash. Typically the crash occurs during hero select which makes me lose sr and puts me at risk of being banned.

So far, rolling back to RTX 2080’s earliest driver (411.63) has worked for me. Knock on wood, but I’ve been playing for multiple hours without issue.