"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX

Profile inspector for me doesn’t work.

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It doesnt work for me neither. keep looking for a fix

My game got one of them crash errors but it kept on going and I played still afterwards.

I just checked my system and its been on two dedicated rails, I would give it more time, I’ve had periods of weeks where everything seemed fine and then one day it started crashing again.

I am currently trying out Nvidia debug mode while playing and running GPU-Z with logging on to see if anything correlates to crashes, IF I get any while running debug mode, debug mode removes any factory over-clocks so if Overwatch is particularly sensitive debug mode might work. Debug mode does not stick however so needs to be turned on after every boot, if it does work I will consider using MSI Afterburner to under-clock the card.

Just came back to Overwatch after a long hiatus. Had this happen a few times during placements, but it happened during not crucial times. This time it happened just as the game started. I can relaunch really quickly, but it still suspended me for 10 minutes and docked me 50 SR. Very, very frustrating. It really makes me NOT want to come back to this game.

I guess sorting my RTX search by latest led me to post this in a thread that wasn’t actually the most recently updated… so here’s a link:

The summary is: avoiding the built-in profile for Overwatch.exe that comes with the NVIDIA driver works and has solved the problem again for a second time after a driver update restored the profile. I have a stock settings EVGA RTX 2080 in my system, for reference. I hope this information can help narrow down the RTX-specific problems so many users are reporting lately to get a proper fix in from NVIDIA’s side.

I enjoy it when it crashes in games where I do extremely well, but then it won’t register getting a POTG.

Have the same issue still, Factory OC TI 2080 TI.
Happens mostly when i hit Endorsement Level 4, just to drop me down again to 3.
Its weird, OW (and every Frostbite Games, EA … sigh) are the only ones Crashing on me with weird or none Errors.

Still getting the crashes with all the fixes provided. They don’t happen as often but I still can’t deal with the SR loss and Endorsement loss, QP just isn’t as fun as comp. and it’s no fair to my teammates that this happens. It really is a game breaking issue for me and unfortunately I am moving on to different games after 6 months of this with no true fix. I know this probably isn’t all Blizzards fault or maybe none at all. But I have no real answers from Nvidia or Blizzard, just work-arounds which is very frustrating. I’ll probably revisit OW in a few months but as of now I can’t enjoy the game with these issues. Good luck to everyone with this problem.


I haven’t had a crash in two weeks thanks to your workaround.
Thanks for posting this. It’s worth noting that I’m running Overwatch on an EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC Ultra, with an Intel I7-8700k processor. I also took the following steps:

  • Find and update all outdated drivers.
  • Clean the system with compressed air and re-seat the GPU.
  • Turn off all unused components / features available in the BIOS - specifically integrated graphics, the RC6 Render Standby feature, unused SATA & PCIe slots and the HD Audio module.

That fix for me worked for two weeks before it started crashing again.


Just to clarify on the re-naming fix, every time the game patches the executable, you will have to re-name Overwatch.exe again. So re-applying the workaround every patch will be needed. So if it is crashing again, please check if Overwatch.exe was re-created in your installation directory and rename the file again.

See this was after an update, so I ended up abandoning the idea, and most days now launching regularly will last about an hour and a half, but I could try the rename fix again.

This is also happening to me on an RTX 2060… quite frustrating as this is the only game I’ve encountered any sort of crash. None of the workarounds provided by both nvidia and blizzard has worked. As others have stated, I think I will quit Overwatch since it’s been months with no actual fix.

Woah, another Happy Squid.

Hey all,

Sorry for the silence on this recently, but there’s hasn’t been much to share up until just now. The work on this issue is happening not just with us but with multiple other invested parties (Microsoft/Nvidia) so we all have to work together to get this handled. [Edited out test request - we no longer need this information]

Please continue following this advice. PLEASE NOTE. With the summer update, the folder structure for the Overwatch install has changed. If your work around broke, double check the steps at te link.

So if you updated recently, it potentially will work, since I did update and I played about 2 hours today and I might play more later when the arcade stuff resets.

EDIT: The rename method no longer works for me.

I have a 2070, and the overwatchtest rename works for me, no crashes for the last few weeks i’ve been using that method. I’d been trying launching through the battle.net launcher recently (within the last few days), but got another crash last night about 45 mins or so into playing arcade with some friends. Temps were all normal, unnecessary background processes closed and not running any kind of overlay. Let me know what other info you might need.

EDIT to add: i’ve been on 1903 for a few weeks now at least with all latest updates

If anyone has a possible solution for a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, that would be greatly appreciated. I either get CTD or blue screen after 30 minutes of playing.

And the game updated, I wonder how long it will take for all of our progress on this issue to be crammed down the drain.