"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


I feel like NVidia and/or others are just trying to assign blame to Micron. I have no issues with Micron memory. And from what I have read, Samsung memory can crash in the same exact manner as well. The more I hear, the more I am convinced NVidia is to blame.


Does anyone know why 411.63 is no longer compatible with RTX 2070? When you look at the driver on Nvidia page it doesn’t list 2070 as supported. When I try to roll back to 411.63 I get the error “Nvidia drivers not compatible with this version of Windows” despite Windows 10 Home x64 being most recent and up to date. I can only go from 416.34 and up… which all are reported to cause this crash/rendering device lost issue.


Please tell me how to roll back to 411.63? I have a RTX 2070, I get the message “Nvidia drivers not compatible with this version of Windows” when trying to install 411.63 again. It seems the 20X0 cards are no longer supported by this driver, or at least when I view the driver on Nvidia’s page I do not see 2070 listed. Was support taken away?


Nevermind I crashed. I went almost a week without a crash.


Yup. I completely upgraded my PC and I’m still having this issue.





Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know we appreciate you trying the .exe rename method we mentioned earlier. For users with RTX cards, this has been largely successful and it gives us some of the information we needed. We’re working with NVidia now to see if we can figure out exactly why this is happening. More information on what this step does and why it works is at this post.

Please keep in mind that there are, and have always been, dozens of reasons for Rendering Device Lost crashes. If you are not using a RTX 20x0 series card, we do not expect that this will work for you and you are better served creating your own thread or contacting support. If it doesn’t work for RTX users, it’s possible that you, too are having a different issue. I’d recommend checking this article for more help in that case.


Hello All!

I have been trying to troubleshoot this error for quite some time and I followed the advice of most people on here.

Here are the drivers and GPU I have:

Driver Version – 416.94

GPU – GTX 2080

The process I did was do a clean driver install, look above in this thread. Used the above driver version.

Here is where it got interesting, it all worked without issue. I went to a Lan Party for 2 days and played Overwatch for hours. Came hope and set everything up and again no issues.

There was talk above (or maybe in another thread) where having a second monitor hooked up caused the issue. So I connected mine through the USB C connect to DVI, no dongle, straight cable. No issues, yeehaw!

I decided to kick it up a notch as in the past I would play music through youtube or OBS to record my sessions for review. This issue came back!!!

So, in my experience is Overwatch, with a 2080 does not like any resource running with video load on the second screen. I could load forums or surf the internet, no issue. Add video and the issue comes back.

I did not try a second Display Port or HDMI connection.


In those 8 months I had replaced my perfectly good video card in an attempt to fix this error, even with a brand new GPU the error persists… this is 100% an issue with Overwatch code, absolutely no questions about it.


Looking at your DxDiag your issue is definitely something specific to your system. I would make sure all of your drivers and firmware are updated, make sure your graphics card is in the right slot, remove any overclocking on your CPU/GPU and check your memory as well. Your logs clearly show many apps constantly crashing so blaming Overwatch is disingenuous.


Like I said, I’ve been through all of that with tech support via emails over 8 months… the issue is Overwatch.


Okay, but your logs tell a different story.


You have clearly not read all my posts.
I don’t know about the other games you are mentioning but from my list of over 500 games only Overwatch is crashing on both of my computers.

Just to clarify for you, I am not blaming only Blizzard on the issue and I am not your average Joe who has no idea how things work and accepts everything with the hope it is gonna fix the issue.

In my case, last few crashes happen mostly when I am facing Roadhog and he uses hook, I see a spike in the GPU usage from 45% to 100% and then TDR kills the driver and game crashes. Is it the driver messing up or Overwatch is of no matter to me as a customer. As a developer myself I am interested in what is causing the issue and would love some technical details if/when they fix it.

I am glad they are now working with nVidia trying to solve the issue!


Thank you for trying to get the issue resolved.

I have to mention that I haven’t had a crash to desktop with the OverwatchTest method since I started using it on the 22nd of January. I used to crash about once a day, until I made some minor changes which changed it to a week and since OverwatchTest I have been crash-free for more than a week.


what graphic settings you have?


OverwatchTest.exe solution works like a charm, not a single disconnection so far


on the same graphic settings?


The same as I had before I started using the Test method. I am playing on Ultra with my FPS being Display-Based. I changed it, from Epic and FPS as high as possible, to that after I experienced my first crash on my newly installed RTX-card.


I rolled back to 416.34 and doing the overwatch rename work around recommended to me in a customer support ticket. Seems to have fixed the issue.


I just got rendering device lost in comp game FFS. It counted a loss, then I rejoined and we won in OT. So I got a loss and a win for the same match. Event log says “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

Is that what everyone else is getting from the log when the crashes happen?


Yes, that is the error in the event log. It is a generic error code though. It could happen with any type of video card. This particular thread is solely about the RTX. If you have an RTX you may want to try to change Overwatch.exe to OverwatchTest.exe to see if that stops you from crashing (getting the same error). Changing the name overrides any driver profile for Overwatch you may have which seems to be, at least for some of us, where the problem lies.