Renaming griefing to "Gameplay Sabotage"


is a bad idea. That means people will report off meta picks and OTs way more than they do now because if a person isn’t picking the most 100% meta heroes in the meta they are “sabotaging the gameplay”. It is too subjective, same with poor teamwork.


I had this thought too. I’d say “let’s just see how it plays out”, but we all know how this is going to go down. Any thoughts on what we could name it instead?


I’d call it disruptive gameplay (ie toxicity or sym tele off map) also sounds cleaner.


I agree, but I think it’s still about 30% better than “poor teamwork” or “griefing”. It defines the actions as in-game choices at least. I think no matter how you put it, people will still consider one-tricking or playing off-meta to be reportable unless you break up the report system into “synnetra death teleporter”, “mei walls”, “feeding”, etc.

They could possibly add a sub-dropdown menu in the report area that has these more specific options- that might help. Then they could sort through the “other” Gameplay Sabotage fields more easily among the actual reports and toss out reports of off-meta and one-tricks.


Ooh! I like disruptive gameplay a lot. That’s a great alternative.


You can feel safe now


I don’t think the category is as important as giving a detailed description of what the person did. I always give details. Instead of just something like “throwing”, I’ll say something like “threw the game by repeatedly jumping to their death”.


Yeah, the players weren’t the ones confused, Blizzard was. “Not caring about the team and only focusing on your own enjoyment isn’t “Poor Teamwork””. Lol.


It said that with poor teamwork before and it didn’t stop people from doing it.


So if I play really well on a tank I could be reported for disruptive gameplay?


Hopefully the people that does the reappeal thing steps up and start actually sifting through reports, I can already imagine tons of people abusing it even though its clearly stated that unwilling to change isn’t gameplay sabotage.


Probably not, none of the tanks are off meta. They’re either main tanks or off tanks involved in dive.

I was more referring to the ones you hear all the time like Sym, Torb, Bastion, that sort of thing.


Especially as ‘poor teamwork’ is being removed and the new ‘avoid’ option is only two players.


Picking off meta =/= picking real trash heroes.

A bad Hanzo is always better than a good mei to have. At least he is helping with scatter kills or wall hacks, Mei is just garbage. Walls do more harm than any other ability in the game.

Same as any other trash tier hero, sym is anti stupid will never work unless the other team are complete idiots. Giving up a healer, or a dps is out of the question for me. She can’t fill any of these roles.

Torb and bastion requires the whole team to play around them. Also anti stupid but more braindead than sym. I’m not gonna play orisa or rien just for the bastion/torb main. And I’m not pucket healing them. Only way I consider a bastion comp is when we are really desperate, since we can steam roll when it actually works.

Doomfist is a super high risk, super high reward hero. He is probably the okaest trash tier hero. Someone who spent countless hours on him can do a lot of damage. But then again, stuns are a thing.

Again, only reason to one trick an off meta is if you really don’t care about the team or were looking for attention. I mean most of torb mains think they are “memeing” when they one trick him.


Bastion is basically Soldier or a Reaper with better spread. There is nothing brain dead about that. It requires almost perfect tracking to get anything done.


A 76 that can’t move anywhere and needs to stay behind a shiled over the payload.
Sounds pretty braindead to me.

^^ just play 76, a hero good in any comp.


Yes much better name. That implies that the gameplay of the reported person needs to be disruptive. Not that you somehow feel sabotaged.


i dont think it makes any difference for the outcome.


They’re still just throwing band-aids at the community issues because they can’t or won’t put together a dedicated Game Master team to oversee the reporting system.

By the time they get to that point, most of us will have moved on to another game.


You just said Bastion is brain dead but Soldier isn’t but Bastion has a more precise gun that Soldier so now what? Sentry still requires very good tracking or you miss 90% of your bullets so it’s not any less demanding of good aiming.