Rename EMP “I win”


I keep saying your name because it’s funny idk why


Im a forum BootLox. The most op character imaginable


So you only play bunker or GOATS? Otherwise, you should be spread out enough to have other members have a chance of counter play.


Thats true :slight_smile: But doesn’t change the fact that the heroes, most of them, need follow up :smiley:


That’s so wild that even in OWL the Sombra presses the button and their team still loses!


The I win button that only wins her about 71.66% teamfights with ult use win in the OWL and only wins her 44.86% of all matches.

EMP os strong but far from an I win button.

But I guess he was playing this:

Here EMP is an accuel I win button


you need to admit its really really high with ult :smiley: nearly i win.


The wording on their post is kind of confusing. I read that as her ult in combination with another ult wins 71% of the time with 45% being the usual. I wouldnt call that high if so.


which post you mean?


This one. Grammatically it just throws me off and is open to multiple interpretations.


ok, cause yours also throwed me of grammatically :smiley: cause you said their.
i cant see how you can interpret that the way you say :slight_smile:


Bored with bashing Widow so we’re back to Sombra I see?


Freaking plot twist

It took a few reading attempts to process my interpretation of the message. The first few reads made no sense to me


Let me tell you about these things called walls


In pro play, you could maybe say this ( Zens and Lucios hide) but ladder? Lmaooo


Hero with “I WIN” button has worst win rate in the game. :thinking: The button must be broken


I mean, the only comps I see that should be complaining about EMP is bunker and goats.


Press Q is a famous Overwatch meme.
Applies to many heroes! :slight_smile:

Depending on your mileage might mean many things. For example:
You press Q: “instant suicide”, “awesome gameplay”
Team mate press Q: “great combo”, “wasted ult”
Enemy press Q: “instant suicide, mwahaha”, “skill-less win, boring”


Mei Press Q my team froze cuz we lost chicken and bad and lost point.


You should play Sombra and get top 500 with her ult then.