"Remove or reduce" CC


That sounds like your picking and choosing which is unfair to the people who’s hero’s your gutting


I feel like if they lower Shield Bash to 5dmg, they need to also boost her mace to 40dmg instead of 35dmg. HOWEVER, I can see that change being heavily hated.


I personally think mei, mccree and rein should be the standard for all cc. it really shouldn’t be power creeped beyond those. fast, short lasting types that take time to reapply. long cooldowns , ults or risk involved


What about Ana’s Sleep Dart? It’s a long cooldown and isn’t always necessarily easy to land on bouncy people because it’s projectile.


Hook is fine but shouldn’t secure an insta kill.

Flashbang is balanced because it can be blocked and puts Mcree in danger if he wants to rush in to someone for a stun

Mei is perfectly fine no need to nerf anything about her freeze/ult

Lucio/Phara boops are fine lol most fun abilities in the game.

The problem is all the new heroes have CC.

Sombra? hacked forever unable to do anything in a skill based game

Ana? No heal - Sleep (yeah is hard but against giant hitbox characters is pretty easy)

Doomfist? King of CC

Orisa? Pushing you up/down/left/right unable to escape (Cancels dash and any move ability )

Hammond? Boop and Boop lift everyone up.

Brigitte? Queen of CC and unable to be punished.


i belive her dart is fair. its a long cool down,windup based and breaks on damage. otherwise she has no escape


LOL. I feel like you didn’t read my post at all.

Those were just a few examples. I didn’t list all forms of CC and changes to be made because I don’t want to type it all out. Also, not every form of CC may need to be changed

Typically, I think CCs that are skill shots are okay


I agree. Sleep Dart isn’t near as easy to land as a Shield Bash.


You can really say remove or reduce in one sentence then say

What’s your definition of a skill shot


Plus people can cancel the CC by doing damage to them.


Roadhog hook, Ana Sleep Dart, Reinhardt Charge.

Stuns are high-reward. They stop animations and interrupt Ultimates. They shouldn’t be an instant-almost guaranteed land. Even Flashbang can be blocked, Defense Matrixed, or Deflected.


Something that requires skill. lol.

Ana Sleep Dart = Skill shot
Brig Shield Bash = Not skill shot


cc with risk involved is good. having multiple cc options in one kit to fall back on or a shield that allows you to easily get up close to preform it to me isn’t