"Remove or reduce" CC

Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

We don’t have any details on what he means here, but I think this could be very interesting.

What do you think he means by this?

When I think about ways to reduce CC I think about things like:

  • Flashbang no longer stuns the enemy, instead it Blinds them and make their screen go all white for 4 seconds preventing them from seeing anything
  • Mei’s freeze is no longer a stun, instead it takes 2 seconds of primary fire to add a chill to them. (45 slow + 45 slow) Once chilled, chilled reduces the movement speed by 90% and the slow lasts for 2 seconds. While chilled, enemies can not use movement abilities.
  • Enemies caught in Blizzard are instantly chilled and no longer frozen (stunned). Chill has the same effects as above
  • Chain Hook no longer stuns the enemy and the enemy can fight back while being pulled into Hog

Again… Im not saying this is what should happen, Im just saying this is what I think about when I read “remove or reduce” CC.

What do you guys think will happen with the overload of CC in the game?

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You leave my bashflang alone.



What if it was on a 6 second cooldown with the Blind effect?

Mei’s primary and ult becomes useless so only secondary fire is used

I imagine it depends on the amount of CC one composition can pull.

For example, you won’t be seeing changes in Mei simply because she fits in no composition or meta.

She appears once in a blue moon and cannot synergize with heroes like Doomfist etc.

In my example… perhaps. Again, not saying that should be the case, I am just trying to figure out what kind of things they could do.

Although, to be fair, most Meis spend 85% spamming secondary fire anyway. lol

if you quote something, don’t quotemine


I think the devs will have to analyze which forms of CC are actually problematic and why that is. I would have a hard time buying that, say, Sleep Dart, should be looked at at the same rigour as Shield Bash did.

A certain amount of CC is a necessary evil, but it’s gone way overboard as of late and it’s made worse by the fact that heroes that cannot escape it, whether because of positioning or a lack of mobility, have no option but to sit and take it for some of the more egregious abilities.


I mean it works unless you increase the delay then you have to ask why use her

Also you never included rein charge because it is a stun

What are you talking about?

I literally added the entire passage to look at.

yeah but your title makes someone believe cc is being removed

you could have at least added “effectiveness” to it

That is just the title. That is why I added the whole thing for people to read in the body of the OP

I agree with this in terms of Rein Charge and some other CC:

the title is what 90% of people seeing your post will ONLY see

Then I guess thats on them for not caring to read my post? This is a forum after all. It requires some reading skills.

what an argument


As long as they don’t remove Boop. Or if they do, they better have a good replacement.

That would not fix a dragon blade gengi from swinging wildly, murdering me or my team. flash is a 10sec cd that stuns for .7 seconds. what you’re proposing is people not have vision in an fps game for multiple seconds. it would feel a LOT worse for both parties.

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The damage reduction to Shield Bash seems…odd. Like lowering it to 25 makes sense, but down to 5 damage puts it on par with Flashbang on a lower cooldown, so I guess that’s what they’re going for?

Lucio Boop? Yea I love Lucio Boop. Its great to push people away from your team or gets some Boop kills.

Some things Im not sure they could really “reduce” without ruining the ability.

Again… Im not proposing anything. I didn’t say they MUST remove Flashbang:

Those are just things that I think about. To be fair though, many other FPS do have Blind mechanics.

Yea. It will be interesting to see what other kind of changes they are thinking about if the Brig change is anything to judge by.

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