Remove Damage Drop-off from Pulse Bomb


Get out of here with your logic and reasoning! /s


I don’t want any compensation.

Is a straight nerf against tanks, but it should behave exactly the same against squeashy heroes as before.


But you do want compensation by asking for no fall-off damage.


In the old ult you could move the same distamce and still be safe, because if the Tracer didn’t stick and you were already moving away from it you took less than 200 damage.

If you remove it entirely, that’s another story.


Her job is not to take out tanks though.


But here it says:

So i don’t really need to edit that.


Yep, that’s fine. I just said that against squeashy she should behave the same!


But she still does behave the same towards 200hp heroes.


So you want Tracer’s Ult to be more forgiving to be bad Tracers in exchange for her ult dealing less damage?

I don’t know about you but that seems like a buff to me.


I want her ult to have the exact same effects as before against small heroes when the bomb is unstucked!


The simple solution to your problem would be, just try to time your pulse bomb and stick whomever you have as target.

It is still kills 200 hp heroes.


It’s not really a solution. I just said i want the unstucked bombs to behave the same, not the stucked ones!


Sounds more like you’re a little upset that Tracer now requires a little more skill to play than before. She’s not supposed to be a tank-buster, so the nerf to the damage was needed.

A good Tracer will still be able to pick-off squishies, AND you’re forgetting that she has one of the quickest ult-charges in the game.


Dude, if pulse is nerfed damage wise.

Why should we buff it so that is has a greater kill radius?

No matter how you slice it, it may have a similar kill radius to the 400dmg pulse but vs a 300dmg pulse it’s a definite increase.

It’s still a buff.

Also it will also affect tanks more as they often have no mobility and will still take the brunt if the Pulse.


Why? We can get Pulse Bomb every team fight if we don’t play bad, it’s a fine trade off. Tracer main btw.


So please elaborate what you want? It seems like you want her Pulse bomb to still continue to do the 400 damage(drop-off start point) when unstuck?


I barely play any Tracer. Not really.

No. It nerfed 2 things. Her damage against tanks and her damage with the unstucked bombs!

The intended nerf was against tanks. The other one should stay the same.


Me thinks that he wants the pulse to have the same kill radius for squishies as before if they missed.

Except that it means that tanks will take more damage as the fall-off is decreased. So it’s also a tank nerf


I think you mean “buff” when you keep talking about how the pulse bomb nerf against Tracer affects tanks. Tanks needed to catch a break (Reinhardt cries out in agony).

So if you barely play her, why are you complaining then? lol. It means you have no idea what you’re talking about due to lack of understanding of her kit. Which is fine! No one is great at every hero.


I don’t need a PhD in a hero to talk about it. Heroes are not completely new worlds that we need years to understand.

It just seems that more was nerfed than intended.