Remove Crit from Storm Arrow

Yea the skillshots are all fine if he’s chasing some tracer but on big targets its just overpowered spam.


I’m happy for the rework. Hanzo was sitting in D-F tier most of the games lifespan. This makes him viable, and we should want all characters to be viable.

I’m glad Scatter is gone. It was random so I’ll grant it that so it didn’t always mean 400+ damage, yet it still felt cheap to have a guy point at the floor and kill full health tanks like Zarya and Orisa.

Still, I’d say current Hanzo is just slightly overtuned is all. Arrow speed increase from 85 to 100, Sonic Arrow is way more consistently used, Lunge allows for second-rate Genji maneuvering, and Dragonstrike charges way quicker now. Making making CD to 10 seconds would suffice? Or instead of 6 Storm Arrow, make it 4? And decrease Ult charge. Other than that, he’s solid.


LOL at this. Scatter was removed because it was cheesy to get insta-killed by having a shot aimed at the ground by your feet. Or it felt as infuriating as Junkrat Spam to be killed by a random piece of scatter arrow bouncing into you when you’re low on HP.

At least with Storm Bow, a Hanzo has to aim at you, and admittingly, if you’re a big target. Then you’re gonna be a pin cushion. And you think headshots are easy with projectiles? OK, go play Hanzo and do that consistently. People who are good with him deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.

There might be a need for Hanzo’s ultimate to be adjusted though. Games I’ve played are seeing more Dragons being used at least twice or thrice.


what I spell it wrong

Again, problem is he’s using at ranges where aiming, especially against tanks, is very easy, even for projectiles.

The patchnotes clearly indicate that Blizzard want Hanzo to be a high damage dealer.
If crit was to be removed they would need to increase the base damage of Storm arrows, to maintain this.


thats the point … making him C O N S I S T A N T do you know how annoying its is to have people strafe in your face and make you miss shots because you can only pop 1 arrow per sec tanks are just really unlucky because the peple that are picking up hanzo are just going to unload on them becasue its guaranteed damage.


he doesnt need a grav. grav just confirms his his kills you can use the ult to zone out the enemy team like a mei wall or you can pop it and have a hog push people into it really interesting what you can do when you put a wall of damage that people don’t want to walk through.

Well yeah but if there is a Zarya on his team he is waiting for grav 99% if the time is my point.

In my honest opinion, I just want all these people that gave me sh¡t for playing hanzo to stop swiping him from me because he is considered G O O D now like I got over 400 plus hours on him dont swipe him from me in comp i wouldn’t care if you had a least 100+ hours but come on you only logged 20 #letmeplaymymain


nah make it do half the damage so you atleast have to aim to do decent damage

Unless the Tank is dullard and can’t react to incoming damage, Storm Bow at least leaves a short window to react to it, unlike Scatter. Scatter was basically instant. Storm Bow needs a few seconds to deliver all the arrows into the target. It’s still a vast improvement over what Scatter does.

that makes no sense what are you doing when you shoot arrows out as hanzo locking on to them like sym??

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That’s fine and dandy. I agree. I just think it should be 75 per instead of 80. Mostly so basic kit damage boosts don’t give him the opportunity to rapidly one shot fully healthy 200hp heroes. Other things like Nano and Supercharger allowing him to do so is A-okay. That and something to more easily let me know I have wall hacks on me would be nice, otherwise- I’m very satisfied.


Apparently it does not only automatically hits your enemy, but every one of those shots are automatically redirected to the head.


He is a tank buster, he always has been a tank buster, he always will be a tank buster. Everyone hated Scatter for melting tanks instantly (they even said that was its intended purpose) so they gave him a better tool to do it in a more skillful manner. I don’t know what you want out of him as a hero but all I can say is thank you for Hanzo 2.0!!!



Spoken like someone that doesn’t play tank.

All the stars need to align for that to happen.


Doesnt matter point blank right? Cant use that argument for hanzo and then not for junk. Hit projectile size is irrelevant when youre point blank

wont matter because even if you nerfed that you can use a fully charge an arrow and stack your storm arrow onto it to do the same thing so you nerf wuld only make the hanzos your playing as more annoying cause of mid-maxing