Remove Backfill

Fine then. It would mean one less tryhard-plaguing QP match to play.

Um, is putting effort being condemned as a sin these days?


Yes, apparently.
Lack of effort or even intended sabotage aka throwing is bad.
But being too good or putting effort into the game is bad too?
I’m confused why people think this.

If you want to see the result of doing this, look at any forum post about leavers in comp

Youd basically have qp games abandoned outright since theres no penalty for anyone beyond xp for the leaver

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They could always do the following.

One person leaves.

A timer starts, if they don’t return in 1 minute.

The match is safe to leave for the rest of the team and won’t count against them.

Jeff Kaplan has stated that backfill is a required function for the casual modes, but they are working on finding ways to minimize the chances of being backfilled into the end of a match:

Are you talking about Quick Play or Competitive? Your quick play profile does not track losses. In Competitive which is supposed to have no backfill, a 2-minute timer starts when a player on your team leaves. If that timer expires, you can leave and still take the loss on record (with the appropriate SR deduction), but you yourself will not be suspended from Competitive Play.

It doesn’t track losses but it does punish you for leaving a certain number of times by lowering xp gain.

What this would do is make it safe for other players to leave a match if the original leaver didn’t return to play.

Also make it so the original leaver would have to wait for the match they left to complete or rejoin. Removes the necessity of backfill and makes it easier on the entirety of the player base.

It punishes the bad behavior of one player and doesn’t let their bad choice hurt the rest of the team. Kind of a win-win.

Also if they could reinstate currency gain from playing matches and have it increase a certain amount if you play to completion would also help remedy this issue.

For a good portion players including myself, XP gain means nothing anymore (we already have all of the items or at least any items we care about). If you are looking to reduce bad leaver behavior, the better solution would be to start implementing low-priority queues for both Quick Play and Competitive preventing players from being able to find a match while in queue for several minutes. That is what I want to see.

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Put a time limit on backfill. Like say… anything past first 2-3 minutes of the match, backfill is then removed. At that point, if there are leavers, it is probably already over and the backfiller is just put into a craptastic dumpster fire.

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I am in the same boat. But at least if you make it so the leaver can’t join a new match until their first match completes it makes at least leaving pointless.

Also making it so there is some actual reward for completing matches. Having some sort of weekly goals or rewards for doing certain things in game could help to remedy the issue.

Right now the “we drip feed you lootboxs with repeats” isn’t doing it for most players and finding other avenues at least until ow2 drops might be the best way to operate.

Big difference between putting in effort in QP, and doing bs you’d see in Comp.

Dont even get me started on Arcade, people that go Winston, DF & Sombra in Total Mayhem, or always go Widow, Pharah, Hog or Hanzo & a few others in Tram DeathMatch because that mode favoritizes them, are tryhards.

If I knew no one would fill that spot then I would also leave. It would start a chain reaction till the match just ends.

Better solution would be to FORCE people who keep leaving matches to be on the backfill list. This means they are forced to backfill X amount of matches and remain in them till the end before they can start being placed in fresh new matches. Maybe make them do 2 backfills.

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Where is the line for u? What people would u not call tryhard while what people other than these extreme examples would u consider tryhard?

People who abuse system favors are not that respectable indeed, but should u put in enough effort, u can and will win against them, otherwise, don’t expect effortless wins when enemy put them in.

If u can’t “stoop to their level” at all while they can and chose to, maybe it’s better not to judge them altogether.

Everyone leaving is actually the best solution to the problem. Put in a comp-esque penalty for leavers in the casual modes, then let everyone else leave. That deals with the problem of crappy backfilling, AND the leaver problem.

Once the rage-quitting starts, the match is already over, and everyone else in the match is just left with a one-sided snorefest.

Players that aren’t Genji tryhards straight from Comp(and are most likely smurfs), wouldn’t be tryhards. People that dont go Widow or Pharah, wouldn’t be tryhards. People that dont go Winston, DF or Sombra in TM, wouldn’t be tryhards.

But that rarely happens. People dont just screw around in QP and Arcade, except throwers that are always on one team.

Then no one would ever get to finish a Mystery Heroes match. You can play that mode without at least 1 person leaving.

If they were penalized for leaving, they wouldnt.

What is with you people that think punishing players in QP or Arcade, when the game is screwing them over & causing them to leave in the first place, is the solution?

The game is frustrating enough, being punished for leaving a losing, one-sided match would just make things worse.

But if Backfill was gone, alot of the frustration would be gone with it.

Stop leaving matches, if you cant commit, dont queue.

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Unless people are banned from queuing or were forced to backfill, they will still leave. The people who keep leaving don’t care about the -75% exp.