Remove 2CP in OW1 already

Blizzard needs to update OW1 with a few of the changes OW2 is getting while we wait. Specifically the removal of 2CP and the ping system.

I believe the ping system would be way more difficult to implement, but we’ve seen them insert and drop maps in rotation at a moment’s notice so just do that to 2CP please.


Implementing the ping system shouldn’t be an issue, though most changes need some fixing, hence why they aren’t releasing them.

Though as some players might enjoy 2CP I personally think it wouldn’t be much of a problem.
After all there are only 3 2CP maps in rotation currently, the chance of getting a 2CP match is pretty low.

I don’t care for 2cp so I wouldn’t mind it being gone, but also wouldn’t care much if they kept it. But what I will say for sure is the ping system would be awesome. I do want them to bring that to OW1 for now

Removing 2 cp seems like a no brainer. Implementing the ping system in an old engine that may be (and is most likely unable to accommodate it with lots of development) seems like an impractical request.

OW2 is the same engine. That’s why cheats were made very quickly for it.

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It’s not the same engine, it’s a fork, and it’s a forked specifically because it’s required to do things the old version cannot do; forks may or may not be backwards compatible, but considering that Blizzard will no longer be maintaining OW1, there’s no reason to make it backwards compatible. Meaning there’s no practical reason that things like the ping system would natively run on prior versions that’ll never be played on again. What would be the point?

There are many different types of cheats, not all have to run inside the game; additionally, running a cheat tweaked for the fork has no bearing on whether or not a ping will run on both versions.

You just said it’s the same engine; slightly modified. It’s not hard to port things of such simple mechanics to the same engine.

Also I’m aware cheats don’t have to run inside the game. External ones read from memory offsets, which is usually identified by signatures. OW2 cheat devs found almost all of the offsets they needed by using those sigs as the engine itself hardly changed…

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I didn’t say it’s the “same engine, slightly modified.” A fork doesn’t mean “slightly” modified as a fork is not a measure of sameness, it’s a point in time deviation from prior code. It doesn’t in itself tell you anything about how similar it is to the previous instance. My original statement still holds, I said OW1 is the old engine, and it is. I didn’t say OW2 is a “different engine” but even if I did, that holds, as it is literally not the same engine as OW1, which by definition makes it “different.” Even slight variations in code are enough to make legacy features incompatible with later versions, and vice versa for new features.

So if the speed required to develop a cheat for OW2 doesn’t require an engine so close to the original that it must support a new feature like the ping system, why are you bringing it up?

They probably won’t because it’s on an older version of the engine to put it into OW1.
They will just continue to ghost OW1 as usual. I wouldn’t expect anything.

Note that the “engine changes” are just improved textures and lighting, they haven’t completely switched the engine they are using for the game.

Just the same engine, just better and so on, doesn’t change the way things are coded into the game directly.

The way pings are calculated and drawn onto the hud should not be too much of an issue to implement, though it will require some work obviously.

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Hahahaha, good one there. That ain’t happening at all and you know that. Just wait till September.

I still have no idea why people hate this maps so much. They are not as terrible as you claim. Also, yes, please remove the content from this game that hasn’t gotten anything new outside of skins since 2020. But yes, do remove the ping system and voiceline spam while we’re at it (that’s a change we actually should have).

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