Remember, you don't need to deprive yourself of sleep to get the Contenders skins

There’s regions for North America, Europe, Korea, China, South America, and Australia (Australia is over for the time being though, finals were last week), so you don’t need to wake up too early or go to sleep too late to watch the games.

To find the games in your local time, visit for matches in your local area, then watch the games at

Also again, please consider actually supporting Contenders, not just for the skins, but to see all the amazing up-and-coming talent (or ex-OWL talent trying to prove themselves worthy again) for OWL next year (or in the cases of some young players, two or more years).

I actually maintain the schedule of all eligible matches in chronological order (rather than by region) on the pinned post on this thread in the link below. But in the end there are several days of eligible matches to get the Symmetra and Mercy skins.