Remember when Mercy's healing was nerfed?


I just want to say the original post in this thread was just confusing and hard to read…


mercy was op for like 2 years practically


where have you been for the past 2 years???


After some digging i found a source for what I’ve remembered.

Even at GM, she had absolutely low winrate compare to all other heroes, but with a decent pickrate. At “all ranks” she had negative winrate.

The first picture took from this reddit post, It was right before the Mercy rework.
But the image itself is only shown in the google search results, i can’t find it on the post.



(Lvl 3 assist anyone?)


Harder to play heroes always have negative win rates when looking across all ranks. But im kinda curious when that imgur is from, cuz seeing ana picked that much doesnt seem like dive was the go to on ladder yet.

This graph is from close to the end of season 5, where she is lowest picked support, not by much but still, zen caught up a lot to ana compared to that imgur. Id assume that was from earlier days where ppl were still stuck playing ana out of comfort when she isnt the best support for the comp anymore, who knows. In case you wanted link to the article.


Yet, the reason why she got a buff to 60 HP/s was cause 50 wasn’t working… If 60 HP/s was the reason for being a must pick it would of shown before the rework.


that buff was long ago, in a game that has changed quite a bit in the interim

50 works for her now; and as the devs had hoped, she is balanced, and no longer a must-pick


Sure but it’s still pretty extreme.
Widow which was pretty bad in dive meta back than had better winrate in “all ranks”

Here i found the original post, it was from early season 5.

So it might just got change drastically over half a season(which was pretty long back then).


Yeah, she’s balanced but 50HP/s working is debatable.

If 50HP/s wasn’t enough then it’s definitely not now with all the buffs to hitscan.


those are not the only changes the game has seen in the interim

50 is working at present


Yea, 3 month seasons back then. By the looks of those numbers it was mainly dive, and with zen having such a high win rate I assume it was zen dive beating ana dive a bunch. But ana wasnt great in dive, wasnt too good of a meta for her, but was a good choice during that time on maps where ppl still played rein zarya, like kings row. Seems like people were just slow to adapt, cuz it changed a fair bit by the end of the season with ana being least picked out of 4 vs 2nd most, with quite a gap to the 3rd and 4th.


Those other changes don’t matter, with Mercy being a ‘main’ healer she can’t really sustain anyone with the amount of damage coming in


I’d been saying it should be 50 hps for months before the nerf.


Well, we also have more CC and burst damage along with burst healing so those are some other changes to take into consideration from the 50 to 60 buff.


all of the changes matter - each represents a shift in the overall balance of the game, and all heroes are necessarily balanced against the game as a whole


Unfortunately you prove my point about retaliation just because I dared defending someone that once did wrong to the forums and the community.

You really should move on. I didn’t condone any Overwatch boycott but everyone deserves a second chance (no one is perfect).

You should forgive those people and forget what they did. Don’t look back in anger, it’s all in the past.

There are more important things in the world than what those people did (even it was reprehensible, you’re right). They paid the price anyways so no need to hold some kind of grudge but again it’s your choice to do so.

No one can “force” (or encourage ^^) you to do otherwise.

It was nice chatting with you nonetheless. Have a good night (and I mean it - no sarcasm intended).


I have moved on.

The facts however remain as they are…what was said was said, what was done was done…

I wish you a good night as well, but before you go, I’ll ask that you take note of both the boycottoverwatch hashtag and evidence of continuous play of Overwatch on a certain twitter account…I am certain you know the one of which I speak. Hypocrisy knows no boundaries in some individuals, it seems


I noticed too that literally nobody said 60hps before Blizzard nerfed it. Then suddenly everyone had these wild theories about how 60hps was somehow impossible for DPSes to overcome.

Kind of just goes to show that the haters will get on board with literally any Mercy nerf, and don’t care at all if it’s actually the right nerf.


Again couldn’t we have waited and see if the nerf was needed? Like there’s always the chance it wasn’t but we don’t know. The following Metas of DragonGrav and DoubleSniper still played to Mercy’s niches. Even after the “bug fix” to Dragon.

I see this nerf on par with the Pulse Bomb nerf. Done too quickly to see if any of the additional changes done, to see if it was even necessary.