Remember these? Only true overwatch players will

oo alright makes sense now ^^


They were probably just using whatever bipedal assets were on-hand to get the “giant statue” concept across. The purpose of blocking out maps like this is to quickly create a representation of the shape/layout for play design, with minimal time spent on details.

Edit: Oh, he beat me to it anyway.


My god the shield gen was so gorgeous.


I mean look at all this people above who miss Sym as a support.

Why not try something on ExC?

Or is the ExC used for something different now, then that thing with 1/3/2?



These are some really neat screenshots if the early days… more so when it comes to the ones from Jeff himself!

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Theae were the brawls and they were fun! They had one called “we’re all Soldiers now.” Where you could only be Soldier 76. The pun game was strong. I still miss Mobawatch.

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sometimes i wonder what would have happened if overwatch never changed and it stayed with everything exactly how it was on release with all these things.
no hero limit, no roleqeue, no new characters, no balancing or reworks and no new maps.

That’s so awesome! Speaking of placeholders, I remember "the best reaper’s ultimate animation"

Wow, I forgot about some of that stuff.

Not the coin flip, though… we will never forget the coin flip.

that’s what the game is now lol wdym

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would you happen to have some of that for the newly reworked horizon lunar colony UwU?

Mobawatch was a brawl mode in the arcade where you couldn’t swap heroes once selected for the entire game mode. It made things interesting because you couldn’t swap to counter a good enemy, you had to change tactics instead.


Goes to show how much a multiplayer-focused, always-online game changes over time and how the concept of “Initial Game Design” is completely irrelevant given enough time for said inevitable changes to come in.

“We designed Torb to be this way” -2016
“We redesigned Torb to be that way” -2018
“Symmetra is meant to be useful to her team this way” -2016
“Symmetra just fires her turrets now, and here’s a useless teleporter that lasts 10 seconds; oh and btw forget about her shield generator ok? Yeah, now have fun!” -2018
“Symmetra… well ok we admit we don’t know what to do with her but here, teleporter is useful again, sorry took some time” -2018
“D.Va should tank this way” -2016
“D.Va’s Meka needs missiles now” -2017
“Mercy is the main healer” -2016
“Mercy is a Support, oh and yeah she uses her wings now” -2017

And so on, and so forth. Be it major or ‘middle ground’ changes, this game is a shadow of its initial designs and philosophic approach for gameplay.

I’d be curious to see a “Classic 2016” mode in Arcade to refresh people’s minds about how Overwatch used to be like back then. And that would mean playing with the original cast only, with all the extra characters removed from Ana and up until now. A true classic Overwatch ‘Blast from the Past’ game mode, with only the glitches, actual bugs and map exploit fixes that we’ve received while keeping the balance values from 2016 Launch Day intact, prior to any balance patches was ever released.

Not to prove that Overwatch 2016 was necessarily “better” for everyone (although it WAS better, for me; and I’m sure I’m not the only one in that boat here) but to show how VERY different the game plays and feels like in 2020.


I never knew Mickey Mouse could throw hands with Tracer like that.

Guess Jeff has left for another week.

Thats cheating. Old school doesnt mean The one that actually built the school bruh


It’s not a nice reflection of us for you to pester him about stuff like that when he comes in to make a fun comment on a fun thread.


Jeff I think we need Overwatch classic (arcade gamemode?) with original 21 heroes and abilities. I miss sym noodle beam and bastion’s shield…


So I know this is a fun thread and all.

But I did figure out how to solve queue times, and make Mercy mains happier.

Just saying…

Basic gist of it is:

  1. Buff barriers on Orisa/Sig.
  2. Nerf close range selfpeel/sustain on Orisa/Sig.
  3. Optionally, bump up damage on Rein/Sig/Orisa/Winston to appeal more towards DPS players.
  4. Recenter the SR bell curves for Tanks/Supports from 2500/2500 to 2700/2600.
  5. Oh yeah, and huge optional, could allow discords to bypass barriers, and not able to be cleansed. (Hard pushing balance towards Dive and rushdown).
    ✅ Buff Barriers, defeat at close range
    ✅ Wanna buff Dive?

And for Mercy:
• Healed teammates have a 10hps little Soldier76 heal that appears below them if they are near enough to the ground.
✅ Mercy, 60hps on ground teammates

Oh yeah, and for Comp do a Backfill+MatchReset if you get a Leaver in the first 45sec.
✅ #1 Thing Overwatch needs now

Oh yeah, and if you happen to need yet another Mei nerf for OWL, could just make it so you can’t target Icewall deployment locations through enemy barriers.
✅ [MEI] Icewall Nerf for OWL


Well some of us have been left out from this fun you speak of.

And wonder and worry about the future.