Relog to see PVP Beta Forum Categories (if you have Beta)

Hiya folks,

The PVP Beta forums are set up and ready to go, however you may need to log in and out of the forums to see the new categories.

Thanks everyone and we’re looking forward to your feedback


Remember that your account must be flagged for Beta in order to view the Beta discussion and feedback forums!

For those who are new to the forums and you are still having issues logging into them for any reason. Also, be sure to review these troubleshooting tips:


aw man I really wanted to make the first topic and all it says was ‘first’


There just rubbing it in in our face

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if i am seeing this post…am i in the beta?

This is just most likely a generic information post, so no.

Lol feedback that’s just going to be ignored.

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Hello there! I just have a question : how is that possible that I’ve been playing Overwatch since the begging with more then 1200h in the game and I haven’t receive any Overwatch 2 beta test invite? My friend played Overwatch one or two maps and he already received the invite.



Dang, a whole new forum section I can’t see or create mischief in… My poor goofs and japes

Truly, Blizzard is laughing as I, a mere console goblin, burn in hell and get poked with the pitchforks of platform inferiority

I bet they are talking about us in there, Probably having fun without us.

Alrighty thanks I guess lol

pls make it so the Q under the ultimate icon doesn’t cover subtitles

and after all these years… “I need healing” etc calls are still not classed as “critical gameplay” for us hard of hearing folks oop.

I don’t have the luxury of leaving a stream on while at work, can’t stream on devices in the office, signed up but didn’t win email lottery. Stuck with this game for years, through the content droughts only to be locked out of the beta because I work on a Wednesday. Didn’t think it was possible to feel more disenfranchised from this game, but here we are. I won’t even be able to enjoy OWL now. So depressed.

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There releasing OWL beta keys during OWL on May 5th.

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I just want to say ow2 beta feels so much better than ow1 cause the hitboxes feels much better. When I click on a character they actually take good damage now, except sombra she’s a bit busted. Also need to tweak the visuals a bit and it will be good.

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I signed up for OW2 beta. Could I get a beta key? I played original Overwatch beta.

Pretty please…

So I noticed a bug on midtown where at the defenders last point, the high ground on the right with the elevator. If you shoot through the doorway facing the def spawn there is a barrier that doesn’t allow shots to go through. My Hanzo arrows were just floating

Guys, could you please push for the South America servers issue? We would like to beta test same as other regions, but we dont have a server available, it’s just routing to NA (250ms) :slight_smile:

Let the rest of us into beta already! Many of the players in OW1 are still playing OW1 because they have OW2 beta but prefer OW1, wasting the limited beta access on people that aren’t even playing it while the rest of us don’t know what we’re missing, or even why we’re missing out. Before the beta came out, many of us were under the impression that it wouldn’t be so limited and we’d get to play it. It’s been like a week. But I suppose you got your test data while the rest of us got our hopes up just to be let down. I would’ve preferred if you’d call it a beta lottery.