Reinhardt remaining issues


Here are some issues related to Reinhardt.
Some have been fixed or attempted to be fixed but I feel like all must be addressed before we go live with this patch.

  1. Reinhardt earthshatter is inconsistent. Sometimes it works, other times it hits a few of the targets an some other times it doesn’t work at all.
    PTR Feedback:
  2. Earthshattering targets on top of payloads is inconsistent. Earthshatter can reach targets on top of some payloads while not on others.
    Slightly increase earthshatter’s vertical reach to make the rules the same for all payloads on all maps.
  3. Reinhardt’s charge is inconsistent and buggy.
    Sometimes you will hit targets directly dead center infront of you and it will knock them away instead of pinning them, while other times it will vaccum and pin targets out of range.
  4. Reinhardt and Brigitte have a bug that when they lower their shield, sometimes it will turn them around 180degrees.
    Still exists after the supposed FIX on the 1.28 PTR version.
    PTR feedback after “fix”:
  5. Reinhardt’s hammer swing is inconsistent.
    Hit registration inconsistency (Ghost swings):
    Sometimes, even though you clearly hit someone infront of you, it will not damage them.
  6. (VERY IMPORTANT) Hammer Swing knockback inconsistency:
    When you hit someone sometimes it will knock targets very far away, other times slightly or none at all.
    This is very frustrating to play with, because when you are in range of someone and hitting them, most of the time if a knockback happens, it will knock them so far away, saving them from you,
    forcing you to close the distance once again.
    Having this being out of your control and happen at what seems to be random needs to be fixed. The knockback effect after patch 1.26 has been drastically increased.
  7. Reinhardt is getting knocked distances far more than other tanks.
    For some reason, Reinhardt is the only tank that when knocked, moves very long distances like a ragdoll.
    Other tanks such as Orisa, Dva and Hammond gain a knockback reduction effect when firing their primary weapon or using boosters/rolling around; meanwhile Reinhardt flies into the stratosphere every time an ability with a knockback effect hits him.
    Please give Reinhardt the same treatment when he is holding his shield.
  8. (VERY IMPORTANT) After patch 1.26, Reinhardt has been feeling very sluggish and slow due to animation cancelations being removed despite it not being mentioned by any blizzard dev/rep or patch notes.
    This is very prevalent and obvious when you try to swing your hammer while you are holding your shield.
    It takes an extra second for the hammer animation to start, meaning you are vurnerable for an entire extra second each time you lower your shield.
    Is this intended by design or a bug that slipped by? Please devs tell us.
    In case it is by intend, then why aren’t all the heroes subject to the same rules concerning animation cancels?
    Here’s the megathread on this topic (and some more) in case you missed it:


Charge inconsistencies are still very annoying. The animation cancels are still slow, and the hammer knocking people back 15 feet can be pretty detrimental to Reinhardt.

At least there’s this:

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – August 29, 2018:

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 28, 2018:

Who know those fixes will actually play out.


Despite some of those being “fixed”, they are not fixed, the bug with the barrier field still happens, charge is still inconsistent and earthshatter…well lets just say it’s working better but still needs more work.

But there is so much more that needs to be addressed like i mentioned in my op.


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Bump because none are fixed.