Reinhardt has 2 lunar new year skins


Hey devs, Orisa exists too you know?

i know you’re trying to kill her in game with the Reaper buffs, but you don’t need to stop making content for her too.

Every other tank has a skin but her, clearly there is some lack of love for Orisa over at the devs


Reaper has 2 Halloween Terror Skins. Symmetra and Bastion both have two Anniversary skins. Widowmaker has 2 Summer Games Skins. Zenyatta got three skins consecutively for HT, WW, And YoTR. What’s your point OP?


Yeah i thought that they were trying to “balance out” the number of legendaries per event or something but doesnt look like it.


She’s that talking horse one, right?


To be fair, while I dislike repeating heroes as well, Rein has been lacking in skins too.

But yes, it will be a crime against humanity if Orisa doesn’t finally get a skin too this time. Lets wait to complain until we actually know whether she is or not though.


We just have to find a historical chinese leader that looks like Orisa, that’s the theme they seem to be going with this year.


Or she could get a Red Hare skin


Rein had only 2 legendary event skins, (literally the least out of all the OG heroes) before this new skin, so yes, he totally deserved it.


Don’t forget Junkrat with two Winter Wonderland skins


It’s not what you want Blizzard to do, it’s what they FEEL like doing.


That would go against everything the internet and these forums stand for, though. You must jump to conclusions and make assumptions, otherwise you’re doing it wrong.


Rein got a skin during summer games, and the other lunar new year skin. Ps there will be most likely 3 more legendary skins, so there could easily still be a Orisa skin. And you know every tank is feeling that reaper buff, not just Orisa.


i mean sure she could use more skins i guess…but i sincerely doubt anything is going to be better than her last legendary skin…


The more important part of OP’s post is the fact, that Orisa doesn’t get enough event skins


Orisa got 2 event skins since release while the characters you listed got 2 on just one event.


I understand that perfectly, but using the fact Reinhardt has two Legendary skins for this event isn’t a good argument for that and was overall unnecessary




Not all the skins need to follow the theme

Year of the Rooster’s theme was Journey To The West, but we still got Palanquin and the two Mei skins

Same with last year, the theme was The Four Symbols from chinese mythology, but we still got Magistrate and Black Lilly


so we could totally get a traditional dragon type of skin for example, or again something korean inspired as that seems to always get a slot too


and lets be honest only one was decent