Rein is disgustingly OP

Guess what OP plays in qp and comp?
Mei Sombra Sigma Hammond Moira Baptiste

Don’t want to be that guy buy I guess they were some of the most balanced heroes in the history of the game.

The lack of flavor in this post I could never

I know what you’re saying, but those heroes were ACTUALLY broken. Let’s take the Tanks for example. The only reason Rein is now “broken” is because the truly broken Tanks were nerfed to the point they weren’t even viable. And SOMEONE had to take their spot as the best hero. Even if they were balanced. And unfortunately that’s Rein. Now everyone that thinks “OP = Meta” are whining about it. Just because someone is meta, doesn’t mean they’re broken.

If Rein will get a nerf, who’s next?
My bets are on Wrecking Ball… His CC is just too good :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :hamster:

Sarcasm lol.

I was one of the few who actually said make other tanks viable alongside Rein (Orisa/Winston etc.) The devs released Sigma that wasn’t best for the game.

What most of these people making posts will never do or did in the past before Rein got his steadfast:

Playing Rein into Doom, Lucio, Mei. Most engaging and fun experience ever right?
Other tanks have some sort of escape/counter ability against Doom for example. Rein had nothing and you’d play pinball. But yes. Tanks don’t deserve anything to have fun because all of them are low skilled according to posts like this.

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It’s hard, but this is what Rein needs:

stuns. use em.

his charge has jank, but it works both for and against him. also, show the clip of someone getting pinned out of reins fov or it didn’t happen.

being better than two overly nerfed/gutted characters isn’t hard or an accomplishment.

speed. use it. stuns. use em.

Rein dva is played more for a reason lmao.

bad characters are bad. woah.

Cause blizzard is smart enough to realize that the other tanks are far too weak over rein being too strong. his buffs didn’t suddenly push him into the meta, it took gutting sigma/orisa a LOT for him to become meta.

Whenever someone calls a character skilless, they should prove it. I hit t500 with a “no skill” character during bloody dive meta, you should be able to do it during this meta where he’s SOOOO broken.

you literally shoot them
and they just dangle there

and most heroes who shoot can move faster than rein or have vertical mobility to completely avoid his hammer entirely

you’ll still move slower than other heroes, and?

we saw where he was when this wasn’t the case

yet he can still be normally hard CC’d

the tank can tank for his allies

again, he’s in melee range only with no verticality at all, it’s the only thing keeping him from being pushed into worthlessness with how much damage is in the game

like the entire cast?

everyone wants to complain about “b-bu-bu-bu-but the other team has it, too” when arguing balance… until it’s about lucio, i guess

like the entire cast

like the entire cast

i don’t even understand this rant

you’re upset over… team-play?
in a team-based game?

so you want him to be reduced to not having synergies?

yes, power creep is very real, and very tricky, but getting so mad at something to remove the only thing they have going for them (again, a melee hero, in a shooter) is a horrible alternative

we need more synergies in the game
not less

it’s a team-based game, not a solo 1v1dueling360noscopefiteme game

if you “tune down” something that already has huge counters, you get a flailing mess of a useless hero that we already saw in rein’s previous state that ended up being basically a joke who got tossed around like a puppy chewtoy by an aggressive huge adult dog

what do you even “tune down” if not his passive?

his health?
do you realize what zenyatta’s existence already does to him?

his barrier?
which already gets melted?

his damage?
which, again, is melee, and is one of the easiest things to counter in a shooting game with huge mobility tools?

his charge???

i suppose i could agree to an ult nerf somehow, but even then, that doesn’t sound like it’d stop any of the complaints you seemed to have brought up

i just don’t think this is a rein-specific issue

more like a lack of alternatives issue, from the absolute dumpstering of kits like dva/orisa/sigma and outdated synergy like from winston with dive due to being dumpstered, or from what hammond got from the dps roster when hammond was ran with like, what, 4 dps? but then 222 killed that balance yet never shifted hammond’s effectiveness to work around 222 enough


Did you see what I was replying to? I wasn’t replying to your original post.

Once again, a forum user calls a dominant pick “no skill.”

I would not say that Reinhardt is OP, but it’s more that all other tanks have been NERFED so much that Rein looks good by comparison.


Not “NO-skill”…but minimal skill? 100% yes. That’s just a proven fact, bud.

Yes. The thing is, I don’t play the game and expect only my main to get superbuffed and mandatory. Others bought the game and deserve to have fun with their favorite hero.

The problem with posts like this, they never give any sort of ideas on how to make other heroes viable. Instead they’ll say nerf x of y.

When other tanks are nerfed so hard, it’s difficult to play them and get value. Not to mention playing Winston into machinegun mccree + Mei is a suicide mission. A tank that should be great in maps like Dorado, Watchpoint etc.

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I agree with this, I’m really mad that there’s no other better team synergy alternative.

Look there’s no perfect balance for this game, specially the Tank role.

If Rein is the balance reference, than tanks can be made less powerful than him or more powerful than him.

Would you rather always play against Rein as a strong enemy team synergy or play against other tanks made stronger than him? It all comes down to a perspective, if people think tanks stronger than Rein are oppressive, devs nerf them and we go back to no other teamwork alternative better than using Rein.

It is subjective from my part, but in a competitive game you play to win, so I guess we get to play Rein team synergy 24/7 then. What my subject feeling of being tired of fighting against or having to always get a Rein synergy on team to win has to do with it, right? It’s irrelevant. So you win! Congrats.

Have a good time playing Rein synergy (or convincing people to help you with that) on competitive 24/7 to win and get SR.

Yeah, I think people should give more constructive criticism instead of whining and saying, “This hero is broken, nerf them into the ground!”
Without giving any ideas on how to rebalance said hero.


Rein isn’t disgustingly OP, they just gutted his competition. I think Steadfast is a little too strong and that’s it.

Lol what, low skill? Lmao.


then argue about this
don’t whine about something that isn’t the reason behind another issue

what is this passive aggressive child response

you were the one arguing to tune it down, yet offer absolutely nothing constructive at all other than useless complaints such as “this hero works well with the game’s mechanics so obviously it must be unhealthy”

congrats on complaining while offering nothing of value?
have a good time playing victim simulator?


hard agree

it’s pretty unfortunate that everyone’s worried about power-creep in only one direction, but completely ignore the exact same problem when it’s in reverse

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I’ve already made threads (not only one) about it, but my ideas are unpopular, I’m getting tired of this discussion with no positive feedback, so should I keep arguing?

here, here, here, and here. And there’s more.

Many won’t like my ideas and call me biased, should I keep arguing then?
I’m giving up and moving on. I used to play Orisa and Winston, I don’t play tank that frequently anymore, I guess it’s one more player keeping away from the tank queue.

Wasn’t Reinhardt repeatedly buffed into powercreep.

inb4 some retarded reinhard main comes and says ‘‘BuT hE gEtS sTunnEd jeFf LeT mE pLaY’’

I actually like your suggestion to get rid of the movement penalty if reducing barrier health becomes necessary. If you can move between cover more quickly, less barrier health is necessary.

I will say, though, that while Rein being too strong and others too weak are not mutually exclusive, it makes sense to me to buff tanks that are underperforming first, then reevaluate.

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