Regarding the recent PTR changes:

Okay. Yeah. That is a pretty good point.

I still think the devs went a tad overboard with the nerfs as PR damage control over actual testing and analyzing changes.

I don’t deal with passive-aggression from someone with a username like “RevertMercy”.

You should, because it would save me the effort of typing the same exact thing in a slightly more direct and polite way.

I’m missing something. Most recent PTR keeps Brig from going through shields. How does that help Tracer?

He thinks it’s pretty reasonable for a “Support” to be more effective when they are near at least 1 other teammate.

Strange concept, huh?

There was a second batch of changes.
Incoming PTR Changes


well since nobody else will answer

Brig has 250 hp, 500 hp shield, self heal, a movement/stun tool, a far knockback tool, aimbot, and regenning armor with ult

all of those together make her one of the tankiest and hardest to kill heroes and gl dealing with 750++++++++++++ hp alone

not saying it requires a full team but 1 person is usually not enough and she’s the only solo hero that actually requires at least 2-3 people to fight her to win consistently in


Those are stupid changes which break her whole function. Tracer and Genji can escape, but everyone else will still have a tough time taking her down because of the Inspire buffs.

They’ve basically flipped the counters - Genji and Tracer now counter Brig, rather than the other way around.

You’ve missed the point. It takes an entire team to kill Tracer, because she wins the 1v1 matchup against everyone. My post is about more than just Brigitte. It’s about Tracer. Brigitte no longer being able to handle Tracer on her own even after catching her off-guard leaves Tracer unchecked again.

Supports need a hero they can switch to just to kill Tracer, for the sake of our sanity. It doesn’t have to be Brigitte. With Brigitte nerfed Moira will the next best option, but Moira isn’t good enough at the job either. She doesn’t do enough damage to surprise Tracer, and she doesn’t have enough self-healing to outlive Tracer’s damage.

Tracer is a problem. She has the tools to outplay every other hero no matter how good the other player is. Brigitte’s shield bash getting nerfed might be a good direction for the game eventually, but not while Tracer remains unchecked.

Tracer needs to die, not just run away and come back in 6 seconds to kill you anyway. Playing against Tracers at high MMR/SR is far above and beyond the frustration level of playing against anything the stun meta has had to offer.

Stuns are bad, but Tracer is worse.


Calling 2 players an entire team doesn’t make any sense to me.

So she needs more nerfs? XD

How you have played the game as much as you have and still do not acknowledge that she is a tank hybrid is beyond me.

I main DPS and I rarely ever get 1v1’d by Brigitte :roll_eyes: The only time I do is if I’m out of position, by myself, and not moving lol.

you mean like holding right click with moira/sleeping or nading/left click + stun + left shift on brig which all force her to disengage or recall?

If Tracer isn’t dead she’s coming back to kill you in just a few seconds despite your best efforts. You can’t just make Tracer run away and call it a day. She has to die.

More people than just supports can kill a Tracer. You make it sound like supports are completely powerless and Tracer is completely powerless to Brig, when that’s not the case. From a Tracer’s perspective, this is a great nerf that makes her viable again. From a support’s perspective, it means having to play smarter. Playing close to DPS and making callouts, aiming to land a shot on her and force recall.

A “good Tracer” isn’t unkillable. If a team is coherent enough to know that one exists, then they’ll focus her. You can see my profile, I main Zen. I get hard-countered by Tracer. But you know what you do? Adapt and stick close to teammates and call out her position.

Yeah, Brig’s combo was an easy way of dispatching her, but maybe what this does is force support players to have more game awareness and communication with the team.

Meanwhile, Tracer can do her job with zero communication with her own team, 1v6, if Tracer is mechanically skilled enough to play the angles to minimize risk. It’s not okay for supports to need teamwork to kill Tracer when Tracer needs no teamwork to kill supports.

This is why “support” is in quotes.

Brig reaches into every category of DPS, tank, and healer. The DPS was nerfed. She’s now a tank/healer.

Tank hybrids are fine; it’s when they get too powerful in the category that they shouldn’t touch on that makes them OP. Brig’s a “support”, yet does everything.

Either nerf her tankiness or her damage and choose what kind of hybrid she is.

Same. I don’t think the damage nerf is necessary. But it seems they are balancing this around higher levels of player where brig is played as a dps. These changes will make her weaker overall but stronger as a support.

pretty sure ive seen you saying its okay that it takes almost the whole team to kill Brig

Brig was never op. Just undercountered. If she was at range she’s just there. Now that her sustain and healing have been buffed, her contribution to goats comp has been buffed.

She wasnt op before, but she might be now.