Regarding legacy OW1 level portraits on OW2 career profile

I don’t know if its been answered yet but legacy level portraits of OW1 that shows on OW2 career profile will be a total combined of all levels obtained on all ur platforms? or it will be the highest level obtain in one of the platforms?

For example, if i have 500 levels on PS4 and 500 on Xbox it will combine and be 1000? that would be the level shown on my profile? or it will be if on my Xbox i have a higher level than my PS4 account it will only count only my Xbox level portrait?

I played on so many platforms and it would be awesome to see all my total levels combined into one!

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The merge should add them all up per different platform.

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From the devs I swear I read that the numbers would add up, sum all of the levels and give it to you, but

I also got this quote

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yeah i saw that too but that means the highest XP level for all ur platforms levels or the single highest of all of the platforms? :frowning: its so confusing!