Regarding Credits for Anniversary Challenges - Update

We’re currently experiencing an issue with Anniversary Event Challenges granting Overwatch Credits inconsistently. While we investigate, we’re disabling Credit grants from these Challenges. Once we have resolved the issue, we will compensate impacted players.

Please note that Credits will still be displayed as a reward for each of these Challenges. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Due to ongoing technical issues with our Anniversary Challenges, we’re going to keep the Overwatch Credits rewards from challenges disabled for the remainder of the Event. To make up for this, we’re granting everyone who logs in during the first week of Season 7, starting October 10, a reward of 3,000 Overwatch Credits, even if you don’t complete challenges in the Anniversary Event. The Anniversary Credits Shop will be live through October 16. We’ll also have more content available for Overwatch Credits starting in Season 7 which we’ll reveal soon.