Refund my SR. I have throwers in my game

Refund my SR. I have two players AFKING in base. OVERWATCH DOESNT BAN ANYONE.

Hi, volunteer here. Blizzard does not make SR adjustments, as stated in the pinned threads:

Blue Posters and our Customer Support team have no way to remove the penalties.
Source: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

This forum is only for troubleshooting crashing, installing, and connection issues, so any feedback on the penalty system should be posted in #competitive-discussion.

Not anyone who actually throws. Throwers AFKing in spawn or jumping off the map are fine, but my buddy has one good game on Widow and he gets banned cause salty Genji spammed reports. Spammers spamming “hi” and other voicelines are fine, but you say “No” a few times when someone calls a stomp in 3 minutes a “gg” and you get banned.

Sure they do. Players that I reported have gotten banned before. You just need sufficient reports and/or give some time for the punishment to be enacted. Unfortunately, lost SR is lost. Every competitive game suffers because of cheaters, OW is no exception. Sometime’s life hits you hard and you just gotta get up and go again. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

wow AFK in spawn is okay?

And that’s why this system is beyond broken. Just spam reports and done. Then it’s just some algorithm counting up numbers and boom. Doubt there’s anyone to actually read those reports to see if they have any reason provided, despite a huge window to type what’s the problem.

Considering how many people do it, guess so. Unless I call them out on it, then they’re likely to leave the game before anyone else notices they AFK.

Of course, just about every system could use improvement. I fully understand the frustration. I myself just went on a 8 game winless streak in comp open queue the other day, mostly due to cheaters. Granted, I did get the “actions have been taken against an account you reported” message today.

However, it’s really disingenuous to say nobody reviews reports like Blizzard purposely chose that method. A game like OW receives thousands upon thousands of reports daily. An algorithm is necessary to weed out the more “serious” cases from the rest. If many reports are submitted for one account in a relatively short time frame, it makes sense that this particular account may have something fishy going on, so better to be safe than sorry and block it first. A human will manually review it later on to determine course of action to be taken. Like any other system, it’s exploitable, but for the most part it works. We just don’t hear about the majority times it works.

There is no perfect report system. Manual review of every report simply isn’t feasible. But yeah, I get it. It sucks to lose SR to a cheater. It’s the same for every big competitive first person title. Cheaters will always find a way to cheat the system, no matter what system. Chin up, don’t get defeated. If you made it to a certain SR, you can get back there again.

It’s not even that. They can be AFKing in spawn, you ask them to actually play and they report you for being “toxic”. Like I said here, had a friend who got banned cause a Genji hated how he shot his ult down twice with Widow. It’s cause those “reports in a relatively short time” can be spammed from one account or they tell their buddies to spam reports too.

I see. In this case, your friend should have been unbanned if he properly contested the ban, since it was likely a ban by machine as opposed to human, and he isn’t doing anything unsavoury on his side. Not too sure on how this whole appeal thing works as I’ve never encountered it. I imagine a strongly worded appeal written clearly and consisely would be what it takes. Again, I’m not sure.

That said, this is one of the examples of exploitation of the system. I would hate to be the guy in charge of coming up with solutions to these kinds of issues. Maybe it might feel better to know whoever even bothers to exploit it like this is clearly a sore loser.