Refraction quality setting not saving


For some reason “refraction quality” setting not saving and dont even apply when i change it. It always stays at “low”. If i change it, click “apply” then close settings and open them again, refraction will again be on “low”.
It happens only with this setting, and refraction used to work before, so its obviously not a hardware problem.
Modifying “Documents\Overwatch\Settings\Settings_v0.ini” file and even making it “read-only” does not work either. In game refraction option still be “low” no matter what file says.

It used to be set on medium before, and I recently noticed it changed to low by itself and dont want to change back.

(Bruce Wilkie) #2

Hello Somepony!

Are you using an AMD graphics card? If so, you might look into updating your video drivers.

Hope that helps!