Reflex indicator consistently triggers on 1st person semi auto primary fire

Edit 2: happens consistently on bap, lucio, mercy pistol on first shot only, and mercy heal beam with or without target. Admittedly this might be a driver/performance issue.

Scoped and unscoped, for all except zen and mei every single time. Dunno if I’m just lagging every time I fire but that’d probably deserve mention too then. For zen it only happens when firing from the rest animation.

Happens sporadically on other characters.

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It only triggers the white square for me when I first press m1 (all heroes)

Thanks for sharing your experience with the new feature. We’d like to follow up to ensure that we understand the issue and can troubleshoot accordingly. There were two options included in this update:

  1. Reflex, which has 3 modes: Disabled (default), Enabled, and Enabled+Boost. These modes control if Reflex will be enabled to lower input latency.
  2. Additionally, there is a second option: the Trigger Flash. When Trigger Flash is enabled, we present a white square so that players with Reflex Latency Analyzer equipped monitors can measure their input latency. In order to be able to form accurate comparisons with Reflex on, and off, it is important that this white square be presented always.

These options are independent of one another, so if you have the Reflex option turned off, the trigger flash can still be turned on separately. The Trigger Flash should be disabled by default, requiring you to enable it to be active. Do you mind confirming which options you have selected? We want to verify that these options are behaving as intended and that the Trigger Flash is not being enabled without you selecting for it to be so.


I just tested all 6 combinations, and it only occurs with trigger flash on. I initially turned trigger flash on expecting some indicator to flash if I was lagging, and was surprised at how consistently it did so when using primary fire. I was expecting it to flash during sporadic dips in framerate, not on every shot. I presumed that this meant something was wrong, especially since my fps counter is usually well above the monitor refresh rate setting.

I’m not sure I understand, is the square supposed to constantly be there, on every displayed frame? Right now it appears during the conditions in my first post and disappears immediately afterward, i.e. it flashes on screen, which was what I presumed should happen.

If this is monitor dependent, I’m currently running a Dell u2414h with the display panel overclocked to 72hz, and the game set for a 72hz refresh rate. Running the 461.72 nvidia driver right now.

Appreciate you following up with these additional details! For more information on the flash indicator resulting from the Trigger Flash option, please check out this article from NVIDIA:

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