Reduce penalty for teams with leavers

TLDR: Reduce the SR loss for teams who have leavers.

I’ve worked very hard for the SR I have. I have a slight learning disability, so gaining SR has been difficult at best. I started in gold and promptly dropped to silver and then to bronze, before climbing my way up slowly to silver, gold and finally plat. I’ve been hovering around 2800 now.

However I get on today, and the first two games I get have leavers.
The first game, A gentlemen and his lady friend both left, because the other tank wouldn’t let him play zarya. putting us a 4-6 disadvantage.

the second game, our main heal left after dying to a zenyata.

I LOVE this game, and it definitely shows when you look at the fact that i’ve spent well over hundreds of dollars on this game, between skins, and lootboxes.

So please, look into a way of reducing SR Loss for players with leavers on it.
This is not to include people who joined the game as a group, just the rest of us that where unfortunate to be paired with the selfish a-holes.

thanks for reading.

This was implemented when role queue went live. See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 21) -> Leaver penalty for more details.

It’s not working anymore after last patch… at least on PS4. It was great solution, but it’s not working unfortunately.