Reduce it to 10 instead 5?

Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

So 2 normal attacks (35*2) + shield bash (10) + whip shot (70) = 150 will still post lethal threat to Tracer while leaving her a brief window go blink/recall away.

Didn’t make much sense to me in the first place that a
melee character with 5.5 movement speed and a 6m charge every 7 seconds that is also a crucial part of her damage combo sk she can’t afford to waste
could be a hard counter to a
ranged character with 6.0 movement speed and a 7.5m blink every 3 secs that can be stored up for 3 stacks and used any time she wants.

Unless the Tracer is extremely delusional and expects to beat Brigitte in an arm wrestle she can kite Brig indefinitely, harassing Brig nonstop 'cuz Brig can never catch up to Tracer nor can she escape Tracer’s line of sight.

The only reason Brigitte was considered a Tracer counter was her 155 dmg combo punishing Tracer’s own positioning mistake within 6 meters around her, outside of that she was only countered by Tracer if anything.

Give her a fighting chance with 10 dmg shield bash instead of 5, maybe she’ll be a more balanced version of anti dive support she was announced to be. Give a mace to her face instead of sledgehammering it, thank you devs.