Reduce Hanzos overall dmg on every ability

Reduce DMG of every abilities he has. Yes he is a dps, but he outperforms nearly any of the other dps that aren’t hitscan, he needs to aim much much much more, no lucky spam kills anymore on a SNIPER!!!


  • Reduced DMG of Arrow by 25 when on full charge
  • Reduced DMG on Storm arrow by 25% at least, when not even more
  • Increased cooldown on Infrasight arrow :smiley: it’s a ult otherwise, that buff was useless and a bit too much.
  • Reduce Projectile Speed by 10% on Hanzo, or to old values.


  • I seriously think that the above will not change anything on him, but remove the insane dmg output he has, which he shouldnt have as a sniper.

April fool’s??

Good one, nearly had me


Just because the game labels him as a sniper, does not mean he is one.


Some of the things are obvious 1.4
The last change and the projectile speed are for real.
I think Jeff said that they see the ps as mistake they made.

Geoff did say that, in the context that he would’ve like to see him balanced differently and buffed in another area. However, he only has himself to blame and it was 100% not the most recent projectile speed buff that started this trend!

You have to remember the most recent projectile speed buff was only 16%, nice but not massive and certainly didn’t make him “almost hitscan”.

Its the buffs he received before his rework that truly started this trended. For people that don’t know, Hanzo has already received a 30% projectile speed buff in the past, nearly double what he received in his rework.

Geoff decided to continue balancing him this way, so I don’t have any sympathy.

I don’t like Hanzo as well, but I do think he would need a compensation buff. In his current state is he statistically already balanced. He has a healthy pickrate, an average winrate and his average damage is on par with other DPS’ers.

I don’t think they can just nerf him.

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Only nerf Hanzo needs is a projectile speed nerf.

I rather see his fire rate increased and his damage on his primary fire decreased.

I want him to be able to deal still the same amount of damage in the game as he currently can, but without the oneshot.

(But I’m not in charge of balancing nor should I ever be.)

That thing was a mix of 1.4 and real changes :wink:

The projectile speed change really doesn’t need buffs, is not a direct nerf, and they actually didn’t say that they want to buff him on other ways :wink:


Pretty sure this is implying that he is happy with Hanzo’s current power lvl but would of preferred that his rework didn’t increase his projectile speed and buffed him in another area instead “to get to the same goal”.


That doesn’t exactly mean he needs a buff cause arrow’s are slower.


I just wish they could rework him in a way so he still does the same damage but remove the random headshots.

How you going to remove random headshots? Make him hitscan? The random headshots happen only cause he is a projectile hero.

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remove him completly, we don’t need him :smiley: no seriously: He doesn’t need todo more then 200 dmg on headshots. Make it 170 and make him shoot around 15% faster.

As a Hanzo main, I say reduce damage so he doesnt one shot people but instead increase his charge speed. I agree. Deal!

Cause of 300 used arrows only 100 will hit targets. Of 100 only 15 will be headshots. Make it happen. Blizzard, please!

itthe problem is, we have char called Ashe. She does exactly this alread y:D

Had 7 beers, played Ashe. Scope accuracy 42%, 10900 damage without any warm-ups. Ashe needs nerfs.