Redefining Overwatch Play: Join "The Crusty Casuals" Experim

Hey community,

We all know the challenges of Overwatch: the thrill of the game can often be dimmed by toxicity. What if we could tweak the experience?

Enter “The Crusty Casuals” — our experimental attempt at reshaping the Overwatch community experience:

  • Starting Simple: We have a basic Discord server set up. Channels for scrims are ready. Don’t expect bells and whistles just yet; we’re in the early stages.
  • Toxicity-Free Zone: The aim? Play, learn, and grow without the usual negativity.
  • All Ranks, One Community: From Bronze to Top 500, every player is valued.
  • Team Coordinators Role: They’re our in-house mentors ensuring the games and reviews run smoothly.

Tonight, we’re kickstarting with scrims at 9:00pm Eastern. Feel free to join early for team-ups or casual chats.

A Humble Request: If you have experience managing Discord servers or developing bots, your insights would be invaluable. As we gather more members, we plan to expand and refine the server based on feedback and needs.

Dive into the experiment. Help us mold an Overwatch community that’s by the players, for the players.

Join us here: discord(DOT)gg/hZMXGdpz

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