Recording highlights removes the HUD in the recording


This was posted before the forums changes, but i will re-upload it on here so this will still be floating around, as this is still present as of 2/20/2018

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The title is essentially what is happening, since the recent Year of the Dog patch any highlights saved and recorded end up being recorded without a HUD in game. (hero abilities, crosshair, the red skull appearing when you get a kill, its essentially if you ALT+Z’d in the game and disabled all HUD.

Before the Lunar patch: https ://
After the Lunar patch: https ://

This has happened with all recordings I’ve saved subsequent to the Lunar patch.

Edit: Not only does it disable the HUD, but it disables the blue/red outlines of players, making saved highlights immensely difficult to tell what is going on.


This is very annoying, I got a sombra highlight where i emp’d a lucio ult, but It was ruined when I saved the highlight


I lost so many good plays from this blizzard needs to fix plz


So today is tuesday, this is the second week in a row without a patch for this bug, its so annoying,


I made another post about it too. I had a post going with three pages of player comments on the related issue… I added some salt to the second post. Its still not on the “known problems” list and I think the lack of attention the issue is getting is garbage. This issue has been ongoing since right before the Lunar Event.

I feel bad for all the people that stream/make videos for gaming communities using highlights, they are getting screwed.


They better do something about this, I have 2 weeks worth of highlights that I can’t record and clear out because they’ll get ruined. I already recorded like 5 and then cleared them, just to figure out they were ruined. It’s the most annoying thing, especially when I’m trying to edit a bunch of clips into a montage.


I just started making montages and this is literally the worst :sob:


I make montages and this is terrible!! Then clips are near unusable! Bliz please fix!


I want to see how much attention this has to get before something is even said about the issue by blizz.

I recommend using Nvidia shadowplay to record your highlights for now, and then you can restart the game and turn off your nvidia overlay if it causes you frame issues.


Same problem here. Any news? No one could fix this? they are looking into it or not?


Same problem here :frowning:


Same problem here, an example of a highlight: https : // gfycat .com / SlimyDismalCaecilian
I checked my ingame settings, the UI should have been showing: https : // i. imgur .com / drMJ9bW.png


I just wish Blizzard would at least let us know that they are working on this currently or not


I’m also having this problem. Is there really still no news on a fix?


I also have this problem with my potg and highlights. I hope they fix it soon. I just started to praktice with Widowmaker so it would be awesome to see if everything works fine…


Can I also say how disappointing this bug is.


Same problem. This is very annoying!


+1, I like to see the state of my ult and the cool-down of the hero habilites on the saved highlights, and now that is missing. I’m hoping this is a bug.


I have twitted to Blizzard CS and PlayOverwatch and they are collecting the reports now seems so many forums about it it seems it went under somehow but now It is fully reported