Record broken - over 600 games

Then Ethernyet would say that its not the account that has all the losses on

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lets see
Queue time of about 1 minute (noone stays after every round so the reverse teams thing is voided)

Pick your hero and spawn. Over 1 minute

So far we will say 2 minutes

That gives 1 minute for the enemy team to roll you, every match. Which, correct me if im wrong, is impossible because payload, hybrid and control maps exist.

So you cant lose 20 games in 60 minutes.

And so, with this post, it proves you over estimate your losses a week

Oh, and you cant backfill into a game after backfilling into a game. The system doesnt allow for that. I know you were going to say you backfill into every game.


Ethernyet please seek help and actually do something with your life instead of mindlessly posting and lying about not winning a single game ever
I’ve watched a bit of your streams and not typing all match would definitely help you do something useful in game instead of your poor teammates having to 5v6 all the time


I played with you once and we won though

Or at least someone with the same name and icon

Yes by all means document it via stream.

I think they actually protected Ethernyet’s account from flags because people kept flagging these repetitive and obviously untrue topics as trolling and spam, yet the staff undoes the flags and let the topics go. I’m not sure why he’s allowed to get away with creating the same inflammatory topic over and over, but here we are.


My brother in Christ seek professional help, you shouldn’t be making the same threads for the past 4 years lying about losing games :joy:


Boom! That’s 800. Won’t hit 1K by tomorrow, but possibly before reset.

We all know you’re lying, it’s literally impossible to lose 800 games in a row even if you were to afk in all of them.

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Gotta make that ethernyet mega post eventually. Hopefully blizzard will put his teammates out of there misery and ban this thrower.

Just play Practice VS AI Easy, it’s way more fun than Arcade.

He’s just attention starved or something. Ridiculous. I also really don’t understand how he’s not been banned yet.

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Playing 600 matches of OW in its current state sounds like torture. I’d rather someone shoot me.

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I’ve never once thrown a game. You can’t throw a game that’s impossible to win.

Not my style to make a topic calling out another user

But I WILL just keep reposting the megalist of his topics like this inside every new one he makes, which means my list will just keep growing larger and more ridiculous every time


All those times we seen you stand in spawn for 2 plus minutes. Thats throwing


No, it’s NOT throwing. In those games it doesn’t matter if I was a t500 player and played all-out, my team was DESTINED to lose because of the matchmaker. Try or don’t try, it doesn’t matter. It’s IMPOSSIBLE TO THROW in that situation.

Ummm. Yes it is. You are contributing NOTHING to the game and allowing your team to fight 5vs6.

But sure. Play out your little fantasy. I hope blizzard bans you so that players can enjoy the game

Also, if youre losing all these games, why dont you just quit? Obviously Overwatch isnt the game for you

And another thing. You arent playing against T500 every match. And if you are, thats very very unlucky. But you could learn a few things from them, such as positioning

But who am I kidding. We both know you arent here to learn. You will just play another 900 odd matches, stand in spawn for the whole match, type long text messages in chat, complain that your team is throwing, and rinse and repeat. And then post on the forum saying you lost 900 matches a week. And then attack people in the post who call you a thrower. Because its true

Also, why havent you posted the name of your alt account ever. The one that is always losing? Perhaps its because it doesnt exist?

Listen, we both know youre lying, this account you post with proves that. Because you are winning games every week. It shows that you arent losing 100% of your games.

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Would you somehow be happier if I said 9/10 games lost? Is it just the absoluteness of the number ZERO that’s bothering you? Because even 9/10 is STATISTICALLY ZERO in a game everyone swears is forced 50/50.

9/10 isnt statistically 0, not even close

also, dont believe those people who claim forced force 50%. they dont know what theyre talking about