Reconnected to Competitive Open Queue match, still lost 50 sr after

Recently played a match of competitive open queue and I disconnected early in the match but after the one minute cancel time. I reconnected and still ended up losing 50 sr. This feels extremely unfair as we ended up winning the game and I lost 50 sr because of blizzard servers screwing me over.

Did you disconnect for longer than 2 minutes, disconnect multiple times or just once?

Just once, was not longer then two minutes. When I reconnected back to overwatch it sent me to the arcade select screen where it showed I had dropped 50 sr and that I was suspended. I went back to the main menu and hit rejoin match.

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Ah i see, that’s indeed not normal behaviour.

It seems that there have been recent cases of this happening, though no word on it has been released yet. Hopefully we’ll hear soon about it.

I just feel like, why should I even rejoin a match now, if I’m still going to lose sr anyway. I wasted 20 minutes of my life, for literally nothing. I just want my sr back but I doubt blizzard will give it to me.

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Ah right, regarding SR refunds.

Sadly enough Blizzard does not compensate for these kinds of issues, you can read more about this here:

I’m pretty sure I’ve reconnected to games on 2-2-2 competitive and had no issues. It’s probably just something with this new competitive open queue that the devs haven’t fixed. Not surprised, they don’t care anymore.

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