Recommended AMD drivers?

So I ran into the “your rendering device has been lost” issue lately and I updated my drivers which seemingly fixed it but now I suffer from fps drops.
I tried different drivers but nothing works. Either the game runs smoothly for 10 minutes and then the fps drops occur every minute or so or I have steadily low fps (below 20) right from the beginning depending on the driver I use.
I have been playing since launch with my specs without problems. Can anyone suggest a working AMD driver?


amd fx 4100 quad core 3.60ghz
radon hd 7850
8gb ram
windows 10

a bit outdated but always worked until now on low-mid graphic settings. latest driver installed is 18.3.4

Officially the standing recommendation is the most recent available driver. However if you are still encountering Rendering Device Lost errors, you may need to check this troubleshooting (click here) or post more information about your system like your DxDiag file. If you do post your DxDiag file, be sure to paste the contents between two sets of four squiggly lines to ensure the report displays correctly. Do not paste in any MSInfo files as it is too big for a forum post.

~~~~ Paste DxDiag Here ~~~~