Recent Positive Experience


So yesterday I played some competitive. First game went well enough, we won. But the second game, after we won that I got invited to join a duo queue after from two members on my team.

Now, I’m usually the kind of weirdo who just plays it solo in comp, however these two players were pretty nice and doing a great job helping to make call outs so I joined up with them.

We won a majority of our games (think we won like, 6 out of 8) and things were going well. But that’s actually not the part I want to talk about.

In one of our matches, I ended up having to play DPS on Paris for our attack round. Now, I mostly play tanks and heals and I can play a couple dps adequately. But the DPS I normally play (torb / mei) didn’t seem like they would fit well for our team comp for attack. I have been trying to practice my Reaper, so I picked him and off we went.

We ended up stomping the enemy team, and I killed 5 of them at one point as we pushed onto point A. We quickly took that then steam rolled to point B.

I had told the duo I was with that I normally play tanks and heals but can play dps if need be. They told me I should play reaper more often, because they thought I did a really good job!

It brought a big smile to my face, made my day to hear that as someone who doesn’t normally play damage. So do you guys have any recent positive experiences in game? Anyone compliment something you might not normally play or meet anyone really nice?


I sometimes get complimented for healing a game

and then I feel super awkward and want to stop playing for the rest of the day

I don’t know how you people enjoy this


It’s a totally different mindset, I find. I actually really like support characters of all sorts. I normally enjoy RPGs more than I enjoy FPS games, and the support type characters have always interested me more than the characters that are looking to deal massive damage.

Not that they aren’t interesting too. But Mercy hits the nail on the head when she gets five upvotes. “It’s nice to feel appreciated.” People genuinely like it when you help them perform well by either enhancing their power or keeping them alive when they’d otherwise die. And there’s something satisfying about that.


I had a good game today too. It was nice after the 6 or 7 really bad ones.


One of my friends came back to play because their carpal tunnel surgery went well and could go back to using a mouse to play.


I’m glad to hear your friend’s surgery went well! Should be fun for them to play again too.


Thank you!

They’ve missed a lot of things, but they’re getting back and are excited to be able to try more heroes cause they are no longer hindered. (Mainly cause they can finally try Widow to their fullest abilities)


I hope they have fun and end up popping off with headshots :slight_smile:

I refuse to play Widow. For my team’s sake, and my own sanity lol.


I am playing Zarya mostly and the positive moments are very rare, in silver more often then not the healing is terrible so as Zarya without gold healers you just die and losing games where i am putting so much effort into that i am sweating is notfun


Sometimes I get healer compliments.

“Dude, our Mercy is a God.”
“This Moira is fragging right now!”
“Our Zen just saved that point.”

Then I get all embarrassed and wanna die.
Anxiety ahoy!