Recent Frame Rate Drops Overwatch

I play with a 2070 super ive had no issues at all playing at 2k 144 frames until recently . The game starts up and the frames drop to 10 and it takes me about 5 minutes for the game to settle now before i can even play but it seems the performance is also getting worse max i cant even get over 120 . for me i cant even play anymore because its not consistent frame rate anymore please release a patch fixing this issue

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Optimizing for fps isn’t normally supported in the forum (only crashing, disconnections, install issues). However, dropping to 10fps seems extreme. Do you have a lot of stuff running in the background that could be causing conflicts with the game? Are you having any audio driver crashes? Make sure to include your DxDiag with any new tech support post.

What driver number would you be using? It seems some of us have the save issue alongside the same drivers.