Recent FPS Instability

I’ve been able to run Overwatch at a completely stable 60FPS (with framerate capped) up until recently, when I’ve been noticing some major framerate drops in certain situations. This started about a week ago, so it wasn’t due to the latest update.

Mostly noticing frame drops in character select screens and during POTG intros, but I’ve also had some during major team fights while a lot is going on. I’m running on an RTX 3080 and an i9-9900k. I’ve also tried monitoring hardware workloads and temperatures during gameplay, but nothing seems to be getting too overloaded.

I’ve even tried dropping my resolution from 4k to 1440p, but the frame drops continued. Any advice on what the issue could be?

Hi, volunteer here. While fps issues aren’t specifically supported in this forum, the community is often willing to look over a diagnostic report to see if any glaring issues can be spotted. Can you add a DxDiag here?

Click here to show/hide DxDiag instructions
  1. Press Windows Key + R, then type DxDiag and press Enter.
  2. In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
  3. Name the file “dxdiag” and click Save.

To add it to your reply here:

  1. Open the text file and copy all of the text.
  2. Paste the text in your reply.
  3. Highlight the pasted text and click </> on the post editor.

If your DxDiag does not fit in one message, you can post it on and provide the hash code (the numbers/letters after the .com) in your reply.

Please note that there is no guarantee what’s causing your issue or fps loss will be apparent from a DxDiag. While you wait for a response, I suggest opening the Windows Reliability History or Windows Event Viewer (system logs) tools, which can sometimes show you what’s happening in the background to cause any errors.

Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum, wasn’t really sure where to go. Here’s the Pastebin hash code: fWXNq2da

Appreciate the help! I’ll check out the Windows reliability history/event viewer when I get the chance and see if I can find anything wrong

Same issue. RTX 2070S and a 1600X

I’ve been noticing this since around the crossplay patch. Once or twice a minute during a match, the game turns into a slideshow for half a second.


It’s not about it being the wrong forum, it’s about what their official support covers vs doesn’t cover.

There were no errors related to the Overwatch client in the report, but I have a few suggestions:

  • Clean up a bit of space on your main drive, since you’re just under the minimum for the drive to perform optimally. Sometimes the Disk Cleanup tool can help with this by removing old Windows files.
  • Update the GPU drivers (March version is being used) and make sure to use the Clean install function.
  • Adjust the desktop and monitor DPI to match: User DPI Setting: 192 DPI (200 percent) and System DPI Setting: 144 DPI (150 percent) is currently mismatched.
  • Check your MSInfo for errors related to software. Sometimes Razer’s software causes fps locks around 15-30ps. More info.

I just deleted my shader cache and it seems to have helped.


Move the two folders, GLCache and DXCache somewhere else.

It was Ghostery. For whatever reason, Ghostery would periodically make my cpu spike, which then caused frame drops in OW.

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