Received the wrong Season 3 End award

I ranked up on all 3 roles within 24 hours of Season 3 ending.
I ended the season as:
Platinum 5 - Support
Gold 3 - Tank
Gold 5 - DPS

When I logged into OW for the first time in Season 4, it said the ranks I had achieved for each role were the following:
Gold 3 - Support
Silver 2 - DPS/Tank

Because of this, I only received the Gold Season 3 End award, which only awards half the points that the Platinum one- the one I should have gotten- does.

Due to the fact that I achieved all 3 of these ranks within 24 hours of the season ending, I know for a fact that these were my actual up-to-date ranks, and that the ranks it said I achieved were not due to rank decay.

In-fact, I have already ranked back up to Platinum in support in season 4, so I know for a fact that Platinum is the correct rank for me, and wasn’t just some fluke that I got to it in Season 3.

This has seriously made me lose faith in OW and its competitive scene.
What is the point in grinding to up your rank, so you get a Season End award, if the next season it is just going to randomly say that you didn’t actually achieve the ranks you achieved, and give you the Season End award tier below the one you actually achieved?

This has seriously demotivated me.

I hope this is a bug and not intended, because if you’re going to encourage people to grind their rank near the end of the season for the sole purpose of getting better Season End awards, cheating them out of those said awards due to a new ranking system is not only super unfair, but also super deceptive and straight up wrong.

It was the Season 3 End award, so it should be based off of the rank and ranking system you got in Season 3, if you change the ranking system for Season 4 it should not affect what award you got for the rank you earned in Season 3. It is that simple.

Please remedy this issue and give me the correct award that I earned fair and square. I was Platinum at the end of Season 3, not Gold, Platinum, so I should have gotten the Platinum Season 3 End award.


There are a few things that happened with the transition from season 3 to season 4. Some of these were intended, some unintended, and one only affected some GM3+ players:

  1. Some players at the top of GM were rank inflated. They pushed a fix for this that could lower the SR of some players who were GM3+.

  2. They (unintentionally) implemented rank decay for any accounts that logged in to the game during the first hour or so of the season. So players who logged in during that first hour were rank decayed. But they caught this and pushed a fix through within about an hour, so players who did not log in during that first hour were not rank decayed.

  3. Players who were (unintentionally) rank decayed got lower rewards. They are looking to implement a fix for this, but it’s not simple and they have no timetable for it. (I could say more about this one, but that’s the short version.)

  4. They’ve put in a fix for the players who were unintentionally rank decayed- after your first re-rank you should see your new rank that is closely aligned with your MMR, just as the players who did not log in during that first hour have already seen.

So… anyone who logged in early got rank decayed and got rewards for Season 3 based on that false rank. For these players, the first re-rank should display their correct rank. But the rewards fix might not come for some time.

Hope that clears things up.

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Okay thank you for the reply, that clears up a lot.

I did login within the first hour so that is the issue here. I will see if it puts me back into platinum after my first rank up, I hope so.

Also another question, do the season end awards count for all 3 of your ranks, or just the highest? If all 3, that means I should’ve gotten two gold awards and a platinum. Instead I got 2 silvers and a gold.

If it just counts for the highest, I should’ve gotten Platinum.

I hope the fix comes soon, I deserve the platinum award, I worked hard for it.


The Devs have acknowledged this bug: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023. However, we still need to keep spreading the word about this bug so that they actually fix it unlike the bugged career profiles and missing end-of-season rewards from other previous seasons like Season 36. Here’s a link to my post in case you’d like to read more about this issue: Comprehensive Thread Of All Top 500/Competitive Bugs. I’ve compiled a list of posts regarding similar bugs under: Incorrect End Of Season Competitive Rank And Rewards (Seasons 1-3). Please help in spreading the word about this megathread and other related threads, we must demand the Developers to give us the rewards we rightfully earned.


I have still yet to receive the competitive points or correct Season 3 End awards

They’ve already announced that it will come in the next patch. There’s no reason to expect it before then.